Brittany Savko

Program Lead Manager, Life Skills

Brittany’s biggest passion is traveling; her ultimate goal in life is to visit each of the seven continents at least once. Other hobbies include collecting comic books and Marvin Gaye records, working on DIY-craft projects, and watching crime dramas.

Quick Facts:
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Joined SASSO: August, 2011
Educational Background: The Ohio State University, B.A., Anthropology, B.A., Sociology, 2011, MA in Workforce Development & Education (Adult Learning and Human Resource Development), 2019.
Coaching/Professional Background: Prior to SASSO, Brittany worked in the College of Engineering at Ohio State for 3 years. She also served as a Peer Career Advisor in the Arts & Sciences Career Services Office as an undergraduate.
Best part of my job: Working with Ohio State student-athletes and seeing them succeed on and off the field.
Favorite Quote: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
Currently resides in: Clintonville (Columbus), OH