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(Area Code 614)
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Student-Athlete Support Services (SASSO)

(Office of Academic Affairs)
350 Younkin Success Ctr, 1640 Neil Ave
Fax: 292-9205
Phone: 292-7088
115 Fawcett Center, 2400 Olentangy River Rd.
Phone: 292-4718
Fax: 247-8170
Staff Sport Assignments

Kacy King Executive Director & Senior Associate AD, SASSO
Shaun Swearingen Associate Director 292-7088
Deana Ruggeri Associate Director 292-4718
John Macko Assistant Director 292-7088
Belkis Clark Assistant Director 292-4718
Dana Blount Assistant Director 292-4718
Alexa Webb Assistant Director 292-7088
Megan Leitnaker Associate Director 292-7088
Stephanie O'Donnell Learning Specialist 292-7088
Heather Papp Senior Academic Counselor
Jonathon Alvarez Senior Academic Counselor
Crystal Joens Tutor Integrity Manager
Brianne Tabios Learning Specialist
Katie Feeney Learning Specialist
Taylor Curran Learning Specialist
Kaitlin Davis Senior Academic Counselor
Eric Vendemia Senior Academic Counselor 292-4718
Alexandra Sommer Academic Counselor and Student-Athlete Engagement Coordinator 292-4718
Megan Howard Learning Specialist 292-7088
Erica Brown Office Administrative Associate 614-247-8724
Shannon Thomas Office Administrative Associate 292-4718
Meghan Jupp Learning Specialist 292-7088
Katie Welsh Assistant Director 292-7088
Joann Worthington Office Manager 292-7088