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(Area Code 614)
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Student-Athlete Support Services (SASSO)

(Office of Academic Affairs)
350 Younkin Success Ctr, 1640 Neil Ave
Fax: 292-9205
Phone: 292-7088
Fawcett Center, 2400 Olentangy River Rd. Office E 145
Phone: 292-4718
Fax: 247-8170

Kacy King Executive Director & Senior Associate AD, SASSO 292-7088
Shaun Swearingen Associate Director 292-7088
Deana Ruggeri Associate Director 292-4718
Alexa Webb Associate Director 292-7088
Diah Gassett Assistant Director 292-7088
Lexi Walters Assistant Director 292-4718
Shawn Wagner Assistant Director 292-4718
Sasha Grubich Senior Learning Specialist 292-7088
Fallon Morella Senior Academic Counselor 292-4718
Crystal Joens Academic Enrichment Manager 292-7088
Jalen Wesson Senior Learning Specialist 292-7088
Christa Kuhlman Senior Learning Specialist 292-4718
Taylor Curran Senior Learning Specialist 292-4718
Kaitlin Davis Assistant Director 292-7088
Eric Vendemia Senior Academic Counselor 292-4718
Alexandra Sommer Academic Counselor and Student-Athlete Engagement Coordinator 292-7088
Jessee Hankins Senior Learning Specialist 292-7088
Shannon Thomas Office Administrative Associate 292-4718
Meghan Jupp Senior Learning Specialist 292-7088
Katie Welsh Associate Director 292-4718
Stephanie Etter Senior Learning Specialist 292-7088
Joann Worthington Office Manager 292-7088