March 25, 2014

It’s a new year and a fresh mindset for redshirt sophomore defensive back Tyvis Powell and the rest of the Ohio State defense. The addition of co-defensive coordinator and safeties coach, Chris Ash, has brought the team down to the fundamentals and instilled a necessary confidence into his players, specifically Powell. After making a name for himself in November with a game-winning 2-point conversion interception against rival Michigan, Powell continued to prove himself with six tackles at the Orange Bowl. This time around Powell hopes his experience and confidence will help the defense restore its “Silver Bullet” dominance Buckeye fans have been accustomed to over the years.

“Right now we’re working on the fundamentals and effort. We’re trying to get our defense to run and fly to the ball – scoop and score. Coach Ash isn’t overloading us with plays and schemes right now. He is keeping it simple to just focus on getting to the ball and fly around the field at all times. We need to master what he is giving us right now.”

“Coach Ash has us switching up our scheme a little bit this season. He has us getting back to consistently having high energy. The best part about this is that he is making everyone across the board give more effort and that is what might have been lacking in previous years.”

“I know they will expand our defensive playbook here soon. Right now I’m glad they are keeping it basic so everyone can understand and be on the same page and understand how we are going to run our defense.”

“We’re learning from our mistakes last year. We’re trying to get back to that identity of a Silver Bullet type of defense that was here back when Ohio State won a national championship (in 2002).”

“This builds our confidence every day. Every day we’re going out there and watching film and seeing what we need to improve on. It also gives you confidence knowing your teammates are there, but also doing what they need to do too and be held accountable.”

“If you see an opportunity, and you believe in it, just go for it. We aren’t scared to take shots or risks defensively. I think this is what college football and sports are all about. Once you become a confident player you can see yourself making more plays.”

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