Jennings Family Wrestling Practice Facility

New master plan to build upon stellar tradition of competitive success

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The competition for the nation’s next student-athletes is fierce. One of the critical program elements to attract the best and brightest athletes is the facilities in which they study, train and compete. As a result, the Ohio State wrestling program is in need of a new practice facility – their classroom – wherein they can train and hone their skills.

The importance of superior training facilities cannot be overstated. It’s where young men become seasoned athletes. It’s where student-athletes learn the intrinsic values of sacrifice and determination – values that are integral to achieving success beyond the game.

Jennings By The Numbers

Dedicated Practice Mats5
Student-Athletes Served35
Student-Athlete Lounge600+ Square Feet
Olympic Training Center1
Ohio State Buckeyes

To ensure this success, the Department of Athletics is building a dedicated wrestling practice facility. The new structure will include a state-of-the-art practice facility, along with offices for coaches and student-athlete space. The facility will be located within the Athletics District, giving the student-athletes a place to call home.

With private investment in a new practice facility, coupled with the development of the Covelli Center where the wrestling team will compete, Ohio State wrestling will have all of the key ingredients to achieve their vision of consistently competing for Big Ten and NCAA Championships.

“When you have a facility to the standard that this one is going to be, it screams value; it screams importance; it screams that when you come here, you are going to be treated in a first-class way.” – Tom Ryan, Head Coach Wrestling