Bill Davis Stadium - Nick Swisher Field

560 Borror Drive | Columbus, Ohio 43210

Bill Davis Stadium

Nick Swisher Field


Dimensions330 feet x 370 feet x 400 feet
Ohio State Buckeyes

Nick Swisher Field at Bill Davis Stadium

It is safe to say that we would not be enjoying the comforts of Ohio State baseball’s gem of a ball park, Bill Davis Stadium, if not for the love, kindness and the benevolence of Ms. Dorothy M. Davis, who generously donated more than $1.5 million toward the $4.7 million final cost of the Buckeye venue.

Bill Davis Stadium is named in memory of Dorothy’s late step-son, William C. “Bill” Davis. He was chairman and president of Davis Enterprises, builder and developer of commercial and residential subdivisions, and a great fan of Ohio State athletics. A member of The President’s Club, Bill was a graduate of St. Charles Preparatory School in Columbus and Xavier University.

Dorothy Davis didn’t realize the size of the Stadium or its magnitude when she visited the construction site in November of 1996, just one week before she would pass away from complications from a brain aneurysm. The construction, visibly impressive with the cement pillars that would support the stands reaching high into the sky, caused her to remark to Bob Todd, “I can’t believe this is what we are building. I never imagined a real stadium. This is absolutely wonderful.”

Ohio State Buckeyes

The stadium was renovated in November 2011, thanks to a $500,000 from former Buckeye Nick Swisher, adding an artificial turf field that will give the team greater access to the field throughout the year.

“I think the field is going to be great for this program. To be able to come here and help out and pay forward with this field – I couldn’t be more excited,” Swisher added. “But I think more than anything, when I come back to this university it brings back memories of the good times that I experienced every day. And to say that I’m a Buckeye, I couldn’t be more proud. I love this university and I love the game of baseball and there’s nothing in the world I’d rather be doing. It’s been such an honor for me. We’ve been Omaha-bound for quite some time now and I think it’s time we break through and get there. I hope this field helps us get to that point.”