Anil Singh


Player profile

  • Year Junior
  • Hometown Piscataway, N.J.
  • Last School Townsend Harris High School

Prior to Ohio State

  • Started fencing sophomore year of high school
  • Captain of high school fencing team
  • 7x medaler in the PSAL
  • MVP Junior and Senior year
  • Competed with Medeo Fencing Club


  • Son of Bidya Singh
  • An only child
  • Proudly Guyanese
  • Material science engineering major
  • Plans to spend a year or two doing lab work before starting graduate school
  • Currently working on a 3 year project to incorporate solar power within Guyana’s already established infrastructure and to assist the Amerindian peoples with logistical issues
  • Avid Formula 1 fan
  • Got into fencing after a friend asked him to keep him company at a fencing meeting and ended up signing up as a joke