July 14, 2017

Sports Nutrition


July 14, 2017

Mission Statement:

Provide high quality, continuous and comprehensive nutrition services based on progressive knowledge to create and support an intercollegiate culture where athletes recognize nutrition as a critical element in their academic and athletic performance.

Sports Nutrition Goals:

As Registered Dietitians (RD), it is our primary goal to provide high quality nutrition intervention to promote student-athletes’ health and wellbeing as well as high achieving academic and athletic performance.

  • Educate and aid student-athletes in optimal performance nutrition 
  • Educate on nutrition habits for long-term health inside and outside of the athletic environment 
  • Provide guidance to use healthy eating for body composition and weight management

Sports Dietitians:

Sarah Wick, RD CSSD LD

Nicole Jontony RD LD

Sean McMickle RD LD