August 10, 2018

Spirit Squad Represents at College Camp in Wisconsin


Spirit squad update Aug. 10, 2018

by Alyssa Jacobs

The spirit squad made the 11-hour trek to Wisconsin Dells over the weekend to represent Ohio State at the annual UCA/UDA college cheerleading, dance, and mascot camp at the Chula Vista resort. Michigan, Arizona State, Penn State and University of Iowa were just some of the Division 1A squads that attended the organization’s biggest camp of the year. Teams spent morning to night, Thursday through Sunday learning material to bring back to campus, training with instructors, and preparing for evaluations.

The reigning national champion dance team took part in three evaluations over the week: the Home Routine competition, the Game Day Evaluation, and the Routine Evaluation. All members received a blue ribbon for routine evaluations, the highest accolade offered. The team also took home the first place Home Routine award amongst fierce competition and earned Superior Recognition for their Game Day Evaluation. The Dance Team, composed of 21 dancers selected through a try out process, put together their home routine in just six days of practice and their performance can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

The cheer squad had their own set of evaluations where they were recognized for upholding Buckeye Pride and being an integral part of game day. Taking home Collegiate Recognition, the Leadership Award, and ranking first in time-out performance and third for fight song, the cheerleading program proved they will continue to build upon the success of last season. Adding 13 new members to the roster, the team quickly banded together to create a product that represented the Buckeyes well.

The two squads combined to learn a sideline performance to the tune of “Hand Clap” that incorporates advanced cheer stunts and visual choreography to create an entertaining environment for fans at games. The pair of teams were evaluated on this performance as well, and both received blue ribbons for their game-day spirit and elite performance. Look out for this performance during upcoming game days!

Brutus brought his own hardware back to Columbus. The Ohio State icon earned second place among all the mascots in attendance, including the powerhouse Goldy Gopher and Aubie the Tiger mascots. The nut also secured the Leadership Award, an award voted on by all the mascot programs in attendance recognizing excellence. Brutus also teamed up with the dance team to appear in their time-out performance during the Game Day Evaluation and without a doubt added an additional level of entertainment to the routine.

The program will be implementing various techniques, skills, and materials learned at camp to improve the game day experience as well as prepare for their own national competitions. Look out for some of this new material as game day in Columbus quickly approaches.