May 22, 2019

Seven Buckeyes Part of Huntington Bucks Go Pro this Summer


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COLUMBUS, Ohio – Seven members of the Ohio State women’s soccer team are gaining valuable internship experience through Ohio State’s Huntington Bucks Go Pro internship programs this summer.

Meghan Kammerdeiner and Haley Walker-Robinson are participating in Huntington Bucks Go Pro 1.0, an eight-week internship that provides real-world work experience and professional development. The program is designed to prepare student-athletes for life after sport through experience in a professional setting and participation in intentional professional development sessions that are crafted to meet the unique needs of student-athletes.

Marissa Birzon, Kaylee Karsh, Marike Mousset, Izzy Rodriguez and Maggie Samanich are each part of Huntington Bucks Go Pro 2.0, a 240-hour corporate internship program that provides a flexible work experience to progress student-athletes toward their career goals. Ohio State Athletics partners with over 50 companies and offers 85-plus paid internships to build student-athletes’ resumes with work experience that is directly applicable to their respective majors and interests.

Meghan Kammerdeiner | University Compliance
Major: Masters in Public Administration
Career Goal: Work with a top company as a government relations director, integrating evolving policy into the company and lobbying for policy decisions.
Internship expectation: “I expect to expand my horizons outside of the academic setting by practicing real-world applications of policy at the university level. I am excited to learn how the University upholds the highest standards of ethical conduct and compliance.”

Haley Walker-Robinson | LiFE Sports
Major: Sport Industry
Career Goal: Start a non-profit organization for children in underprivileged or rural areas of various countries and possibly become a teacher.
Internship expectation: “I want to learn what goes on behind the scenes to create an organization like LiFE Sports so that I can one day be a part of a similar organization or start my own.”

Marissa Birzon | Columbus Chamber of Commerce
Major: Marketing
Intern Title: Marketing Intern
Career Goal: My ideal career would be to work in the marketing department for a large corporation in order to better understand consumer behavior and decision-making.
Internship Expectation: “The Columbus Chamber of Commerce does an excellent job of communication, creating relationships and building a stronger economy in Columbus. I want to better understand what drives a consumer to a platform or decision and see what appeals to different consumers. This internship will allow me to acquire hands-on work experience that will help me improve my communication and leadership skills.”

Kaylee Karsh | OSU Wexner Medical Center
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Intern Title: Clinical Engineering Intern
Career Goal: Work in the medical device industry and develop accessible healthcare for the disadvantaged.
Internship Expectation: “I am excited to gain experience in an engineering and hospital setting and develop technical skills working with medical devices.”

Marike Mousset | Mount Carmel Health System
Major: Biology
Intern Title: Student Title
Career Goal: Become a doctor.
Internship Expectation: “I am hoping to attend medical school and working in the field this summer will help me figure out exactly what path I need to take to get there.”

Izzy Rodriguez | The Up Company
Major: Finance
Intern Title: Chief of Staff
Career Goal: Work in finance.
Internship Expectation: “The Up Company provides such a unique opportunity and so many experiences that cannot be replicated in just any workplace. I am looking forward to learning and taking on new challenges throughout my internship.”

Maggie Samanich | The James Cancer Hospital
Major: Business
Intern Title: Human Resources Intern
Career Goal: A human resources position within the medical field, making a difference at a high level.
Internship Expectation: “I wanted to work for the The James to get real-world work experience, further my business and HR skills and make connections to help obtain future employment.”