Aug. 4, 2014


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COLUMBUS, Ohio – – The Ohio State women’s volleyball program committed to a New Years resolution of increased community service back in January, and have followed up on that promise in a big way. Since the first of the year OSU Women’s Volleyball has given back over 300 hours while helping out with numerous local organizations, including the Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity and OSU LiFE Sports.

“It has been really awesome to hear out players talk about their experiences this year,” said head coach Geoff Carlston. “It’s great perspective for everyone to see the unique stories out there. I really believe it changed the lenses they view the world through while positively impacting a lot of people along the way.

“We really stepped up our community service involvement,” said senior setter Taylor Sherwin. “Getting involved with the community always allows me to meet new people and hear their incredible stories. It’s a very humbling experience.”

Spring Semester – Each student-athlete put forth 10 hours of aid at charities and/or organizations of their choice throughout the Spring semester – 10 hours each for 11 student-athletes 110 hours

Habitat For Humanity – Six hours each for 10 student-athletes and four staff members 84 hours

OSU LiFE Sports – Four hours each for 12 student-athletes 48 hours

Special Olympics – Six and a half hours each for nine student-athletes 58.5 hours

Total Hours = 300.5

The 2014 campaign gets underway August 29-30 when Ohio State heads west to compete in Eugene, Ore., for a round-robin event featuring the Ducks, Illinois State and Central Arkansas.