March 8, 2014

Photo Gallery

This weekend marks the final home games for the 2014 Buckeye men’s hockey senior class, as Ohio State hosts No. 1 Minnesota in a Big Ten Conference series Friday and at 6:30 p.m. Saturday in Value City Arena in Columbus.

This week, the four seniors will look back on their time wearing the Scarlet and Gray. Today’s featured senior is Curtis Gedig, from West Kelowna, British Columbia, who is the team’s captain this season. A recipient of the squad’s Best Defensive Player and Rookie of the Year accolades, Gedig has skated in 127 games as a Buckeye to lead the current squad and has 48 points, with six goals and 42 assists, along with 206 blocked shots. A sport industry major, Gedig has been named a Scholar-Athlete and is on pace to graduate this May.

Read on for a Q&A with Gedig:

1. How has participating in the Devils’ rookie camp helped improve your skills?
During the summer you tend to pick up bad habits during summer pickup hockey. So it is nice to get back to full contact and game mode a month before the season.

2. Can you describe how training your sister and helping her develop into the hockey player she has become makes you feel?
It makes me feel good I can help out.

3. What are your plans after college?
I plan to play hockey as long as I can. After hockey I hope I can fall back on my degree and pursue a good job.

4. What is one of your most memorable blocks during a game?
I remember this block because it doesn’t happen often. I took a snapshot off the butt, right in the padding and it didn’t hurt. Usually they always hurt.

5. As team captain, how do you motivate the other players?
I try to lead by example. I am not the most vocal of leaders, but I try to give them someone who is a friend but also who they can look upon if they need help.

6. What do you think your biggest challenge has been as captain? How did you overcome it?
I think my biggest challenge was talking in front of groups. I wasn’t a fan, but after having to do it several times it got a lot better. You start to see the respect guys have.

7. This or that: skating exceptionally well or being more physical?
I enjoy skating exceptionally well.

8. Can you talk about a time you have been hit the hardest?
Last year vs Notre Dame when I blew out my shoulder was a pretty heavy contact. It felt like a car crash. It was near center ice, we both tried hitting each other, and I got the worst of it.

9. What has been your favorite moment of your senior year so far?
Beating Michigan in Yost.

10. What is the best and worst thing about being a student athlete?
The best thing is getting to play the sport you love while getting a degree. The worst thing is being so busy and not getting paid for the sport you give half your life for.