June 11, 2019

Selina Vickery Gaining Valuable Experience as Pelotonia Fellow


By Lindsay Epstein, Ohio State Athletics Communications Huntington Bucks Go Pro Intern

Selina Vickery, a rising senior on the women’s soccer team, has always had a passion for science and the motivation to help people. She is a neuroscience major who plans to go to medical school and with a long-term goal of becoming a pediatrician. Vickery came to Ohio State from outside Houston Texas, eager to seek out many opportunities to learn more about her passions. Not too far into her career as a student-athlete, her joy for knowledge and hard-working mentality landed her an opportunity to work in a lab.

Vickery began lab work at The James Cancer Center and Solove Research Institute a few years back. However, this summer she received the internship of her dreams. She will be interning with The James as a Pelotonia fellow. The lab is under private investigator Leah Pyter and will be an ongoing research project for a year. Not only does she get to work in the lab, Selina will be one of the head students in charge of the Pyter Lab. Vickery will be studying the relationship between chemotherapy, anxiety/depression and exercise.

Vickery will be closely examining mice throughout the course of the experiment. She will begin by injecting the mice with chemotherapy, then measuring their anxiety or depression level through a series of tests and experiments. Next, she will have a control and variable group of mice. The control group will receive no exercise, while the variable group will obtain exercise. She will use a wheel in their cage to represent exercise. Finally, Vickery will gather her research and conclude what the influence of exercise has on induced anxiety from chemotherapy. With some help, Vickery will be doing all the research, lab work and testing for the mice she will be looking at.

Vickery has learned the skills of teamwork from playing soccer all her life, but has expanded her meaning of the word from working in a lab. In the lab, Vickery has learned that teamwork is a key component of a functioning workplace. She must communicate well with her colleagues in her own lab while also maintaining a healthy relationship with various other labs.

“The lab is a very motivating and cooperative environment,” Vickery said. “I just hope to learn all that I can from many of the people I look up to.”

Vickery loves the work she has done, the people she has met and is very excited for the rest of the summer in the lab to continue to learn from this process.