April 20, 2019

Second Varsity Four Victorious on Lake Las Vegas



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HENDERSON, Nev. – The No. 6 Ohio State rowing team finished 1-3 in races on Saturday at the LLV Women’s Collegiate Challenge against No. 5 Michigan and No. 1 Washington. The Second Varsity Four recorded a first-place finish for the Buckeyes, improving to 2-4 in races and 5-4 overall on the season.

In the first race of the day, the Buckeye Second Varsity Four raced Washington. Olivia Kwiecinski, Ally Hatton, Mo Robinson, Kailey Boomer and Kelly Stainbrook raced the boat to a first-place finish for Ohio State with a time of 7:20.60.

Next up was the First Varsity Eight, comprised of Sophie Blair, Lexie Nothdurft, Alessandra Montesano, Leonie Heuer, Ida Petersen, Jessy Vermeer, Sierra Cydrus, Sierra Tiede and Grace Libben. The boat finished second with a time of 6:22.89. The 1V8 crossed the finish line with open water ahead of Michigan and less than a boat’s length behind Washington.

The Second Varsity Eight race featured a photo finish. Washington won the race, and second place between Ohio State and Michigan was reviewed by officials where it was decided that Michigan finished second, just inches in front of the Buckeyes. The 2V8 was comprised of Samantha Morrison, Ida Kruse, Mane Bravo Alvez, Maddie Perrett, Meg Cymanski, Rachel DeWitte, Michayla Binkley, Claire Cannon and Michaela Nordhaus and clocked a 6:27.59 finish.


The Buckeyes will return to the Scioto River to race Texas on May 4. The final regular season regatta will also be Senior Day.



1V8      4-2 in races, 6-3 overall

2V8      2-4 in races, 4-5 overall

1V4      2-4 in races, 2-6 overall

2V4      2-4 in races, 5-4 overall




1. Ohio State 7:20.60 2. Washington 7:23.92

Lineup: Kwiecinski, Hatton, Robinson, Boomer, Stainbrook (C)


1. Washington  6:18.84 2. Ohio State 6:22.89 3. Michigan 6:28.71

Lineup: Blair (C), Nothdurft, Montesano, Heuer, Petersen, Vermeer, Cydrus, Tiede, Libben


1. Washington 6:25.94 2. Michigan 6:27.51 3. Ohio State 6:27.59

Lineup: Morrison (C), Kruse, Bravo, Perrett, Cymanski, DeWitte, Binkley, Cannon, Nordhaus


1. Michigan 7:05.68 2. Washington 7:07.53 3. Ohio State 7:17.81

Lineup: Massier, Frendberg, Carr, Miklasevich, Batchu (C)