March 30, 2019

Second Varsity Eight Leads the Way in Buckeyes’ First Outing of the Season



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PRINCETON, N.J. – The Ohio State women’s rowing team opened the 2019 season against Princeton and Brown on Saturday morning, with the Second Varsity Eight paced the Buckeyes with a win over both of its opponents. The team finished 1-4 in races and 5-7 overall.

The Second Varsity Eight of Claire Cannon, Michaela Nordhaus, Kendell Massier, Michayla Binkley, Maddie Perrett, Meg Cymanski, Rachel DeWitte, Mane Bravo Alvez and Sophie Blair recorded a 6:21.4 victory over Princeton and Brown. The boat finished with open water between its opponents.

The Second Varsity Four, consisting of Kailey Boomer, Willow Wahlers, Kayla Kuntzman, Mo Robinson and Samantha Morrison, finished with a time of 7:28.0 to defeat Brown’s 3V4 and Princeton. The boat finished under two seconds behind Brown’s 2V4.

Ohio State’s First Novice Eight defeated Princeton’s 4V8 with a time of 6:50.0, coming in third behind the 3V8s of Brown and Princeton.

The First Varsity Eight raced a time of 6:19.5 in its race  and the First Varsity Four clocked a time of 7:29.4 in the season opener.



The Buckeyes return to the east coast to face Duke and Syracuse on Saturday, April 6 in Earlysville, Va.




Princeton 6:15.8

Brown 6:19.3

Ohio State 6:19.5

Lineup: Fernandes, Nothdurft, Montesano, Vermeer, Petersen, Heuer, Cydrus, Tiede, Libben



Ohio State 6:21.4

Princeton 6:27.1

Brown 6:30.3

Lineup: Blair, Bravo, DeWitte, Cymanski, Perrett, Binkley, Massier, Nordhaus, Cannon



Brown 7:21.0

Princeton 7:22.4

Ohio State 7:29.4

Lineup: Kwiecinski, Frendberg, Harper, Flinders, Batchu



Brown 6:41.2

Princeton 6:47.4

Ohio State 6:50.0

Princeton 4V8 7:40.4

Lineup: Ungar, Draycott, Pabst, McNutt, Strzelecki, Reymann, Pohl, Clouse, Olechiw



Brown 7:26.4

Ohio State 7:28.0

Princeton 7:28.3

Brown 3V4 7:49.4

Lineup: Boomer, Wahlers, Kuntzman, Robinson, Morrison



1V8: 0-1 in races, 0-2 overall

2V8: 1-0 in races, 2-0 overall

1V4: 0-1 in races, 0-2 overall

2V4: 0-1 in races, 2-1 overall

1N8+: 0-1 in races, 1-2 overall