COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State rowing team’s Second Varsity Eight took advantage of its second opportunity to qualify for the semifinals of the 2010 NCAA Championships Friday by finishing in the Top 3 of the repechage race on Lake Natoma in Gold River, Calif. The 2V8 will seek a berth into the Grand Final Saturday when it races in its semifinal heat at 12:45 p.m. ET.

The last time the Buckeyes were in Gold River, Calif., for the NCAA championships in 2008, the Second Varsity Eight executed a fairy tale runner-up finish in the Grand Final. The Scarlet and Gray look to have a repeat performance (or better) in the three-day event.

The 2V8 had to climb its way out of a hole, however, following a fifth-place finish in its preliminary heat with a time of 6:44.82. (Only the Top 3 boats from each preliminary heat advance to the semifinals). However, knowing a Top 3 finish in the repechage later in the afternoon would yield the same favorable position, the Buckeyes seized the opportunity and sounded the horn in 6:53.47 for third place. The Buckeyes remained in the Top 3 throughout the race, including shooting out to a second-place standing in the first 500 meters (1:37.05). However, in the next 500 meters, Ohio State dipped to third as Michigan State held a 1.68 split-time lead. The Scarlet and Gray even cut the Spartan’s hold on second-place to a mere .82 seconds at the 1500-meter mark, but simply could get no closer to MSU’s finishing time of 6:52.53. Host Washington State won the race in 6:50.34.

The First Varsity Eight and First Varsity Four will next compete in the third-level races Sunday. The 1V8 finished sixth in back-to-back races, completing its opening race in 6:36.45 and concluding the repechage in 6:44.94. The Buckeyes faced familiar competition in Michigan, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Clemson in the repechage and therefore was well aware of the challenge before them. Despite the finish, the First Varsity Eight will attempt to finish in the Top 13 among a contingent of exceptional teams.         

Just 1.57 seconds kept the First Varsity Four from advancing to the semifinals as the crew finished fourth in a time of 7:40.60 in the repechage. The 1V4 made an impressive charge to fourth place after starting out of the gates in seventh place (1:56.82). By the second 500 meters the Scarlet and Gray recorded the second-best split time (1:57.66) and moved into fifth place. Remaining in fifth until the final 500 meters, the 1V4 ascended to fourth place courtesy of a split time of 1:50.46, second only to Clemson’s 1:50.36 split. Earlier in the day, the First Varsity Four clocked in 7:27.39 to finish fifth in its preliminary heat.

2010 NCAA Rowing Championships
May 28-30
Lake Natoma
Gold River, Calif.

Buckeye Lineups
Claudia Herpertz
Carolin Helmholz
Ingrid Aasaaren
Ulrike Denker
Erin Shropshire
Sara Wallace
Anniken Ellingsen
Charlott Goldstein
Kristin DiJosie (coxswain)

Jill Mohr
Tess Prescott
Emily Walsh
Emily Ralph
Mandy Merritt
Caroline McPherson
Lindsey Titus
Katie Flarida
Samantha Getz (coxswain)

Allison Elber
Kate Sweeney
Stephanie Johnson
Ellen Heister
MacKenzie Pecor (coxswain)

Day 1
First Varsity Eight (Top 3 Advance to semifinals)
Heat 3                                   
Finish    Lane      School (Time)

1              1        Virginia(6:17.51)
2              2        Princeton(6:22.65)
3              3        UCLA(6:28.73)
4              4        Clemson(6:33.34)
5              5        Tennessee(6:35.12)
6              6        Ohio State(6:36.45)

First Varsity Eight (Top 3 Advance to semifinals)
Finish    Lane      School (Time)
1              1       Michigan(6:35.24)
2              2       Washington(6:35.84)
3              5       Wisconsin(6:36.75)
4              4       Washington State(6:40.08)
5              3       Clemson(6:43.81)
6              7       Ohio State(6:44.94)
7              6       Tennessee(6:47.04)

Second Varsity Eight (Top 3 Advance to semifinals)
Heat 3
Finish    Lane      School (Time)

1              2        Brown(6:32.80)
2              4        Michigan(6:38.84)
3              1        Washington(6:40.53)
4              6        UCLA(6:42.65)
5              3        Ohio State(6:44.82)
6              5        USC(6:53.10)

Second Varsity Eight (Top 3 Advance to semifinals)
Finish    Lane      School(Time)

1              2     Washington State(6:50.34)
2              5     Michigan State(6:52.53)
3              6     Ohio State(6:53.47)
4              7     USC(6:56.18)
5              1     Tennessee(6:57.12)
6              4     Clemson(6:59.60)
7              3     UCLA(7:00.74)

First Varsity Four (Top 3 Advance to semifinals)
Heat 3
Finish    Lane             School (Time)
1              2              Wisconsin(7:15.69)
2              1              Brown(7:18.29)
3              3              Princeton(7:18.31)
4              4              Stanford(7:20.57)
5              5              Ohio State(7:27.39)
6              6              Tennessee(7:38.98)

First Varsity Four (Top 3 Advance to semifinals)

Finish    Lane        School(Time)
1              1         Stanford(7:37.67)
2              5         Clemson(7:38.86)
3              2         Michigan State(7:39.03)
4              6         Ohio State(7:40.60)
5              3         UCLA(7:42.34)
6              4         Washington State(7:43.25)
7              7         Tennessee(7:59.36)