What is Seasons Pass?

Seasons Pass

“Seasons Pass” has been created to provide Buckeye Nation with a greater insight on The Ohio State University Department of Athletics, Buckeye student-athletes and the program’s stories and successes. In short, “Seasons Pass” is a publication celebrating all that Ohio State Athletics represents – The People. The Tradition. The Excellence.

Our Athletics Department is one of the most visible, respected and accomplished in the country – ranking among the nation’s largest in number of student-athletes and sports sponsored. This publication will continue to unveil many of our deserving stories which would otherwise go untold. Accomplishments of our student-athletes, staff members and the generosity of our supporters will also be recognized in the quarterly publication.

“Seasons Pass” debuted in the Fall of 2014 and is mailed exclusively to Ohio State Athletics supporters. For more information on options to support Ohio State Athletics, please visit www.BuckeyeClub.org

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