April 24, 2018

Sean Melton: Big Ten Medal of Honor Finalist


After being an outstanding student-athlete at the Ohio State University for the last four years what has been the most rewarding experience or opportunity during your time here?

My most rewarding experience was anytime I was wearing the Block O on my chest while competing alongside guys that I consider my family now. Competing for something greater than yourself is a feeling I will cherish forever.

What makes you a good candidate for this award? Is there anyone, in particular, you would like to thank for helping you during your time at Ohio State?

I have to thank my parents and coaches for getting me to where I am today. Without all their support I would not be here today. 

In your opinion what does it mean to be a student-athlete, especially at a university like Ohio State?

Being a student-athlete at Ohio state means you are representing something greater than yourself. Every time put that Block O on your chest you not only represent yourself and your family, you represent all of Buckeye Nation and it is one of the greatest feelings in the world. 

After graduation how do you plan to take what you have learned as a student-athlete into the business world/professional athletic endeavors?

I plan on training for the 2020 Olympic Games while being a resource for current and future student athletes.