BATON ROUGE, La. – The Ohio State softball team continues the 2009 season at the LSU Tiger Classic with games against No. 21 LSU, No. 5 Texas A&M and Sam Houston this weekend. Follow the action on and off the field with junior captain Whitney Cooper.

Next Week: Tory Haddad from the Cathedral City Classic in Palm Springs, Calif.

We had an early morning, yet again, along with another great day on the diamond for our last day in Baton Rouge. Taking the field to play the Aggies of Texas A&M for the second time this weekend, we knew that they would be out to beat us but we were more determined to succeed to let that happen. A two run homerun by Courtney Pruner put us on the board early and with another excellent performance by Sev (Kim Reeder) in the circle that was enough to capture the win over the Aggies.

After game one and a short break filled with bagels halves and peanut butter, it was another business meeting against Sam Houston.  A 2-0 victory left us with a weekend record of 5-0, which was well earned. After showers and lunch, it was an hour bus drive to the airport in New Orleans and a flight back to the Columbus. Ahead of us is another week of preparation as we get ready to head out west and continue our process of “Whatever It Takes 05-28-09”.  I hope you enjoyed spending time with the Buckeyes in the red stick and stay tuned for next weekend with my roomie, Tory Haddad, and her blogs and our business trip to  Palm Springs, California.

Go Bucks!
“Whatever it Takes 05-28-09”

6 a.m. – “All my single ladies, All my single ladies”, my alarm clock ringtone proceeded to roar as is was time for day two of business on the diamond. It was an early morning; we had to be down at breakfast by 6:45 and on the bus at 7:15 to head to the field for back-to-back games against Sam Houston and 5th-ranked Texas A&M. The early morning rise and shine wasn’t a factor for us though as we once again delivered and played our game throughout both games. 

With a 6-3 win over Sam Houston, our next step was the Aggies of Texas A&M and boy were we ready to do whatever it takes. We outscored the Aggies 9-3 with two clutch, unselfish, three-run bombs dropped by Sambino (Sam Marder) and Tami (Alicia Herron). This performance as a team was only a taste of the potential and ability our team has to do tremendous things throughout our season.  If we continue to grow together and work hard as a unit only good things will happen. 

After our time on the diamond, we had lots of free time to get some major studying, as well as napping, in before dinner. For our well-deserved meal, we ate a local restaurant called Chimes. Coach let us order steak so we took full advantage, who would’ve thought. After dinner it was back to the hotel and straight to bed for yet another early morning and back-to-back games before we leave Baton Rouge and head back to the 614 (aka Cbus). 

Until then, Good night and Go Bucks!
“Whatever it takes.” (05-28-09)

Rise and Shine, or should I say, Rise and Storm. With clouds and drizzling rain filling the sky of LSU’s campus, we got up at 9 and headed straight for breakfast. Hoping that the weather would not reflect the food, we were yet again pleased with the southern cookin’ breakfast style. After breakfast, Coach decided to take us on a walking tour of the LSU campus and their newly-built softball stadium. Nice, but nothing close to THE Ohio State University. I would have to say the only thing that they have on us is Mickey, their pet tiger.  After our sweaty walk due to the humidity, we returned back to The Cook Hotel about an hour later to do study tables and free time before we met again for our next meal. 

At 1:30, it was time to eat, yet again. A quick trip to Chili’s was the location and after it was time for BUSINESS. Game day headbands, bows, braids, and eye black filled with the atmosphere with the spirit of the buckeyes as we were ready to take on the tigers of LSU on their home turf. 

Game time started right on dot at 6 p.m. central time and we were what coach Ali would call, “Dialed In.”  Back and forth – it was a pitchers battle as Kim Reeder (“Sev”) stayed tuff all game for us in the circle. We went the full seven without a score on either side and it was straight to the tie breaker. We were blessed with Katie Simonton (our secret weapon) on second and Tory Haddad up to bat. My roomie came through and executed in the clutch and with an error on their behalf, we took hold of the momentum full force. The inning continued to play out with more clutch performances from Vanessa Spears, Brittany Goodchild and Leah Ledford at the plate to push our lead to 2-0 heading into the bottom of the 8th. With one out from Reeder, Lindsay Bodeker came into lock up the game with a strikeout and ground ball to my girl in the middle, Lee Lee, as we gave the tigers their first loss in their new stadium.  

Back to the hotel, we were greeted with cheers from the Buckeye family and it was pizza for dinner. After a long day, it was shower time and straight to bed for another day. of business on the diamond. Taken two tomorrow, 21 style. 

Until then, Good Night and Go Bucks!
“Attitude is definitely Everything!”

Landing at approximately 3:50 p.m. central time, our road trip down south was quickly filled with that good ol’ southern hospitality as we quickly met our amazing and hilarious bus drivertour guide, Troy. Straight from the airport, with a strong southern accent, Troy gave us the history behind The City of the Dead, New Orleans, as we headed downtown to Bourbon Street.  Coach K decided to give us about an hour of free time to walk the streets of the French Quarter and experience the tradition of Mardi Gras first hand.

For all of us, excect Tory, this was our first time in New Orleans and we were all in for a new culture experience we would never forget.  Megan Miller and I, of course, wanted to get the famous Mardi Gras beads while others of us like Karisa Medrano and Rebecca Schultz wanted their own Mardi Gras masks. Our free time quickly passed as we met coaches and the rest of the support staff for the activity which we do second best in life right after softball, EATING!!!!!!

A trip down to Louisana wouldn’t be complete without consuming some southern, home cooking. Coaches chose a place called Oceania on Bourbon Street and it was an excellent decision. Our orders consisted of sea food platters, barbeque shrimp, barbeque ribs, crab cakes, and who could forget to mention cajun gumbo, jambalaya and alligator sausage. The table quickly turned silent as our food arrived and we were all extremely happy with our decisions. Clearing our plates as if they were washed, our stomachs were beyond satisfied and probably a little upset with us as well all at the same time.  From Oceania, we walked  back to the bus and we were on our way to our final destination and business location, Baton Rouge.

We finally checked into beautiful The Cook Hotel at about 9:30.  Coach gave us the usual but necessary “rules and respectful” speech before we were let go for more free time until curfew. As for me, it was straight to bed to get a good night sleep for a big day tomorrow when yet another match up between the Tigers of LSU and the Buckeyes from The Ohio State University is scheduled to go down.

Until then, Good night and Go Bucks!
“Attitude is Everything”