RALEIGH, N.C. – Junior Rebecca Schultz takes over the No. 17 Ohio State softball team’s On the Road with the Buckeyes blog for this week’s Spring Break trip to North Carolina. The Buckeyes are scheduled to face No. 14 North Carolina at 5 p.m. Tuesday in Chapel Hill before taking on N.C. State at 2 p.m. Wednesday in a doubleheader in Raleigh.

The morning started with the hotel’s breakfast before we headed out to finish our drive home to Columbus, OH. After pretty much a restless and sleepless night (with a combination of the uncomfortable bus and cave-like beds) the team was more then ready just to get home! The team immediately passed out leaving the bus silent as we traveled the first three hours. I stayed up re-reading my book Angels and Demons (before the movie comes out) which I highly suggest anyone to read! We then stopped and got some fast food to go, to finish out the last our trip.

By now the team was awake and buzzing leaving the bus a noisy mess of restless teammates. We finally arrived happily in Columbus where we were met with a team lift with Coach Palumbo. It was necessary we got one in so we didn’t get extremely sore after our lift next week.

All in all, the week was a learning experience that I hope we can acquire from against Iowa this weekend.  It contained a lot of rain, driving, food, and softball and I can definitely say that I am very glad to be back in Columbus. So even though it wasn’t my perfect spring break it was definitely an interesting and fun one!

Hopefully I’ll see you at the games this weekend against Iowa (both at 2 Saturday and Sunday) in our amazing new stadium. Let’s kick some butt! Go Bucks!

Again we got to sleep in and have a nice easy morning.  We ate boxed lunched sandwiches that had an excellent pasta salad and headed out to the field. After arrival, we were taken to their batting cages where we had a nice warm up, then came game time.

We carried a little of yesterday with us today, but we soon changed it. We lost 1-2 to NC State in the 8th inning for the first game then turned it around with a 4-0 win the next game (props to Megan Miller for a two hitter!!). Overall we had a total of three homers (from Sam and Pruner) and had excellent pitching with a pretty solid defense. But we will have to step it up a notch with Iowa this coming weekend. I know we can bring more then we did here.

Afterwards we stopped to talk to some fans and family, showered and changed in the visitors locker room, then headed home. On the way we stopped for dinner at an Applebee’s and took the road once again. It was a raining and foggy drive (accompanied with an uplifting movie choice of Beauty and the Beast and What Happens in Vegas), which led us to our hotel in a small town in West Virginia at around 1 in the morning. This town was referred to as “the town from back to the future” (Sam) and “Ghost Town” with its old school streets, lamps, and architecture. The bus even had trouble maneuvering around streets.  We were lost, looking for our hotel. The team at this point was getting restless as we had bused for 5 hours to get lost in this somewhat deserted looking town (containing mostly law offices oddly enough). About an hour later we pulled into a Fairfield Inn were the team was in a hurry to get to their room and pass out.

So, as it’s 2:30 in the morning right now I think I’m going to try to get some rest to finish up the trip back to good ol’ Columbus tomorrow morning! Night and Go Bucks!



Well, the day started off nice, an optional breakfast and plenty of free time with a pretty good lunch. But then game time hit. It was a pitcher’s duel and UNC came on top. Every team has its wins and losses and when you play tough teams it’s the little things that count. So the best thing to do is to move on and bring it against NC State.

After the game and some time with the fans we headed out to a local steakhouse. My table kept amused and lifted some spirits with a little game that Sam started involving her steak knife. That was apparently the only time she got to use that knife as her steak was burnt on arrival after ordering it medium rare. The next steak they brought out was practically raw, or “mooshie” (moo + sushi) as our table referred to it and it was sent back again. We waited for another half hour (everyone was past done by now) when we found out that the server forgot about her steak. She then got it to go with a bonus dessert, which was given to Cooper for her birthday. We now reside in the hotel where we are recuperating and in Sam’s case, eating steak.

Tomorrow is a new day. So lets kick some butt against NC State. Goodnight and Go Bucks!

Driving, driving, driving. Over 12 hours to be exact, or so it seemed. The team is headed out to North Carolina for our spring break to take on UNC and NC State (so much for the beach and a tan!!!). The drive started off as usual, with everyone bragging about what movies were brought (mainly Tory with her collectors addition Twilight movies and myself with my selected travel collection of about 300 DVDS). Soon everyone was passed out for a few hours. When the team woke up, Stomp the Yard, Twilight (obviously, our team has an obsession), and Iron Man were the three selected movies to watch.

For lunch we stopped at Wendy’s and Hardees. Myself, along with the other West Coast girls took on the Carl’s Jr. of the East (aka Hardees) with two brave Ohio girls (props to Kady and Cannon). The next stop on the road was my Aunt Pam’s place for Dinner. To my amusement, coach gave a speech to the team saying to be polite because they don’t know how athletes eat, what she did not know was that I thoroughly warned my aunt of this, as coach and the team were surprised to receive half a chicken each as well as many appetizers, sides, and desserts (the south does know how to feed!). Might I add that it was very delectable!

My uncle had a marvelous homemade BBQ sauce with the chicken and my Aunts desserts were a hit (alongside her amazingly fluffy Buckeyes!!!).  Once everyone went into a food coma, most of the team resided in the house’s basement. It started with DeeDee and my 13-year old cousin, Grant, showing of their skills on the drums and Beach beating Erin at a game of ping-pong but then the discovery of the Karaoke machine awoke.

My uncle is the proud owner of an intense professional karaoke system with thousands of songs available, which the team took full advantage of. Beach started off the night, followed by performances by Sam (Bye Bye Bye and Baby Got Back), Alicia (Nice and Slow, Say My Name, Disturbia), DeeDee (Say My Name and Disturbia), Cannon (Meet Virginia), And Tory (Meet Virginia), and I concluded the night with a duet of Aretha Franklin, Respect with my Aunt Pam (and yes, all of these are on video).

I must add that Sam has some serious dancing skills (as well as basketball proficiency according to Coach) and I am very afflicted that she will not make it into the student-athlete talent show!! Also, shout out to Alicia (along with Dee Dee’s amazing beat box), who was breath-takingly remarkable singing Disturbia. After coach cut off the excitement (and after decided that a system like this will be added to our locker-room), we said our goodbyes and headed to our hotel. This is the best hotel we’ve stayed in thus far, in my opinion, with its modern style suites. Alright, well its off to bed, big day tomorrow against UNC!!!!