ATHENS, Ga. – The No. 11-ranked and seeded Ohio State softball team arrived in Georgia Tuesday morning for its Super Regional games against the University of Georgia at 7:05 p.m. Thursday and 4:35 p.m. Friday (7:05 p.m. Friday if necessary). Junior captain and second baseman Whitney Cooper will provide a blog through the Buckeyes’ history-making and record-breaking run through the Round of 16.

In every competition, there always has to be a winner and a loser, and in every competition, no athlete ever wants to be involved in the loser category. Today was one of the toughest days my teammates and I will ever encounter as an athlete. To be so close to something that you have dreamed about since you were a little girl and for that dream to be taken out of your hands hurts especially knowing that you gave it everything you had and put it all on the line. But with all this being said, as an athlete you also have to learn that you have to hate to lose, to love to win.

We had an amazing season.  We broke many team records as well as many individual records. We worked hard day in and day out and even though today we didn’t come out on top we have nothing to hold our heads down about.

On behalf of the 2009 Buckeye Softball Team, we would like to thank our fans for the amazing support throughout the year. We wouldn’t be who we are and reached as far as we did without you. Until we meet again, good night and we will see you next year on our 2010 journey to the WCWS.


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is strawberry season at IHOP. Anything that you can possibly think of eating in a nutritional breakfast, IHOP has it with strawberries! Our morning began with our usual team breakfast at 9:45. We were yet again, like at every team meal we encounter, entertained but this time with one of our very own, Miss Da Vinci herself, Cortney Cannon.   27 thought she could build a tower made of coffee creams; however, her amazing tower looked more like the Leaning Tower Piza (Gotta love that girl).

After breakfast, we returned to the hotel with a long day of rest and preparation to get ready for what was ahead. Most of our time was spent doing game day hair (since today’s game was extra special making a national appearance on ESPN2), homework, watching film, and tying ribbons and bows since we can never do enough of that.

5 o’clock rolled around and were on our way to play one of the biggest games of our season. As those of you may have watched, the outcome of the competition was not what we wanted however it is what we must deal with and move on from.  Tomorrow will be a tough fight but one that all 17 of us are ready and prepared to win one pitch at a time for 14 innings.

Until we meet again, good night. Take 2 Bucks!

Georgia, Ggggggeeeeeoooorrrrggggiiiiiaaaaa! Our SUPER Wednesday morning started early as we left the facilities and headed south at 8:15 in the morning. Special thanks and a SUPER shout out to the breakfast of champions chef, TAMI’S sister- Vanessa Savage,  for the delicious peanut-butter, chocolate chip, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (Let’s not tell Coach about that one).

We landed in Atlanta around 11:15 and from the airport headed straight to the Bulldogs’ facilities for practice, stopping for a quick lunch on the way. I had an absolutely wonderful Classic Cobb Salad, with some adjustments. I enjoy my version of the salad without the tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles, onions, and also by adding the perfect pinch of cheddar cheese. (A lunch doesn’t get much better than that ladies and gentleman).
After a SUPER, two-hour practice of getting used to the enemy’s territory, we headed to the hotel to check in and shower before dinner.  An Italian restaurant by the name of DePalmas was the perfect choice for our carbohydrate feast. While eating an assortment of food from pasta to pizza, salads to calzones, we were pleasantly introduced to a young, energetic child named Hailey (the daughter of Coach Palumbo’s best friend from high school). Oh boy was she happy to meet us! I never knew a child at such a young age (6) could have so much intelligent information stored in her little brain until we told her about the vampires, witches, and werewolves (LOL).

We said our goodbyes to lovely Hailey and loaded the bus to head back to the hotel where our night would come to an end. For most of us, this meant a little free time to catch up on studying and homework while others of us this meant straight to bed.

As for Shep (my SUPER roommate for the trip) and I, we decided a nice relaxing night of watching youtube videos was right up our alley. A few of our favorites include: Steve Riding a Lawn Mower 1 and 2, and a team favorite entitled Nobody’s Perfect. Until we meet around, have SUPER good night!

SUPER Regionals