COLUMBUS, Ga. – The Ohio State softball team continues its 2009 season this weekend at the NFCA Leadoff Classic at the South Commons in Columbus, Ga. The Buckeyes are scheduled to take on Mississippi State and Hofstra Friday, before playing Florida State and Houston Saturday and wrapping up with Georgia Sunday. Follow all the action, on and off the field, with junior outfielder Leah Ledford:

As I sit here in the airport, I hear the man announce that there will be a half-hour delay on our flight back to Columbus due to the de-icing of the plane. Normally, I would be upset about this and think to myself just another half hour of sleep I’m about to lose tonight. Instead, I am so thankful that we are actually getting a flight out of Atlanta tonight. Amen! Flights have been cancelled all day out of Atlanta due to a snowstorm consisting of 3-5 inches of snow…in Atlanta, Georgia! If we had not gotten a flight out tonight we would have had to try to find one out tomorrow, spend another night posted in a hotel, and miss Monday morning classes where a lot of the girls have midterms and quizzes. Bottom line: I am so thankful we have a flight out tonight!

Normally at this time in the year Atlanta has an overall mild climate. I heard someone say this is the most snowfall they have had in 10 years! I guess we Ohioans just bring the snow with us wherever we go.

Needless to say our game against Houston got cancelled this morning because of the winter wonderland. So, we checked out of the hotel at 11 and headed for lunch at Jonny Carino’s. After, we got to go see a movie close to the airport. We split up into three groups depending on which movie we wanted to see. I suggest “Madea Goes to Jail” for anyone looking for a good laugh.

We headed to the airport after that, and here I sit awaiting to board the plane back to Columbus. We may not have gotten our five games in this weekend because of tornados and snowstorms, but the games we did get to play were well played and we got the “W.” Great weekend.

Today was off to a nice start. Coach let us sleep in and come down for breakfast on our own time, so I woke up and went downstairs for the continental breakfast. I saw the Nebraska team and some of our team glued to the TV and apparently there was a tornado warning and we were told to go to the stairwell for shelter while the warning siren wailed outside. Everyone was in a state of pandemonium until the tornado warning ceased and everyone finally relaxed. Since it had thunderstormed the whole night before and the fields were in bad conditions all of the games got pushed back and we were now scheduled to play Illinois State at 8:30 p.m.

Around 12ish we went to McCallister’s for lunch and argued the whole bus ride back as to whether or not animals enjoyed their stay in zoos. Cannon’s argument was that zoos were overall for the better because they help endagered species and that she is just smarter than everyone because she reads encyclopedias for fun. Sam’s argument was that animals have to be miserable in zoos, but they can’t tell anyone because they cannot talk. Good thing it was a short bus ride because this argument got heated.

When we got back we had a bunch of free time to study or do whatever we needed to before we got in uniform and went to Ruby Tuesday for a light dinner. From there we went to the fields for our match-up against Illinois State. Pruner started us off with a BOMB that cleared center field. Vanessa had a nice clutch hit up the middle with bases loaded, and Tory also had a nice clutch hit to right field with two outs after Sam and Pruner got walked. Kim was solid in the mound with the shutout. Once again, another great team performance. 

Up tomorrow we have Houston at 11. Let’s take 1!!

PS: Happy 21st Megan Miller!!

The start of the day was an early one but that didn’t stop the buckeyes today. Our first game we played Mississippi State and had two homers by Sam Marder A.K.A. Sambino. With back to back homers by Sam and Courtney Pruner, Reeder hitting her spots on the mound, and a great team performance, we won the game 7-0.

We had a tough Hofstra team up next. Megan “Peg” Miller led the march shutting out the Pride in her innings pitched and Lindsay Bodeker sealed the deal. Our pitchers really had  great outings today all around. Props to them!! Our two runs of the game came from and a homerun from Rebecca Schultz (first of her career!!) with Alicia Herron on base. Once again, another great team win. It looks like Florida State and Houston tomorrow. Let’s take two!!

Thursday began with a hitting practice in which we got to hit 2 rounds of live BP off of Coach Beach and former buckeye softball player Kristi DeVries. We then had a run with Coach Palumbo in which he set up two “cone chutes” and split up the the team as evenly as possible according to speed so we could race. This of course turned into bickering and arguing across the field about who really won each race because of how gosh darn competitive we are. So, Coach P eventually announced that it was no longer a race because I don’t think he wanted to hear us anymore. We then proceeded to make it a race after his announcement. After practice we had about an hour or so to shower and grab some food before we loaded up the bus for the airport. Kim, Vanessa and I all went to Camille’s to grab some sandwhiches and one of their delicious smoothies.

Soon after boarding the plane we soon found oursleves ( with no layover!!) In Atlanta, Georgia. We are very familiar with this airport for last year we got stuck there due to weather and had to stay the night camped out on the benches. Needless to say we don’t have very fond memories of that airport. We boarded the bus on our way to Columbus, Georgia making a stop at the OG. (Olive Garden) You can’t go wrong at the OG with their peach tea and enless salad and breadsticks. By the time the food comes a lot of us are already full. Those breadsticks are addicting!

We finally arrived at the hotel for a little shut eye. After a quick little pep talk from Coach in the lobby we were off to bed. We have 5 games this weekend against some very quality teams. Let’s take 5 Bucks!!!!