LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Freshman Katie Simonton takes the reigns of the Ohio State softball team’s On the Road with the Buckeyes blog for this weekend’s trip to Louisville and the Courtyard by Marriott Airport Cardinal Tournament. The Buckeyes are scheduled to take on Loyola, UIC and Louisville once and Eastern Michigan twice over the course of the weekend.

Important numbers for the day: 700, 5, and 1.
Congratulations to Coach K on her 700th win!!
Congratulations Buckeyes for going 5-0 on the weekend!!
Congratulations to Kim Reeder for 1 awesome diving catch on the mound!!
The Buckeye softball team went another weekend going undefeated.  We beat Eastern Michigan, again, by run-rule, again.  Sam Marder led off the game due to her amazing wheels and got on just so Courtney Pruner could jack one over the fence in the 1st inning.  We proceeded to score 6 more runs in the 2nd thanks to a monster hit by Alicia Herron and a monster fielding mistake by Eastern Michigan’s right fielder.  Megan Miller came in to relieve Kim in the 4th and did a great job of keeping us in the game.  We were up 9-3 in the 5th and we came up with 2 huge hits: a triple by Brittany Goodchild to score Rachael Shepherd and a hard shot by Sam to bring in B B B Money Money.  There was some great softball played this weekend by the Buckeyes.
After the game meant one thing: DESSERT!!  We headed to Sonic and made quite a dent in their food supply.  After Sonic we continued Sister Act 2 from the ride down to Louisville.  With Coach Beach and a few others singing along to nearly every song, it made for an enjoyable portion of the trip.  Then we all realized that finals were approaching in a matter of hours and that we should all probably study.  It felt sooooo nice getting back to warm weather and it was only 5:30, not midnight or later.
Thank you for all the fans who came out to support us this weekend.  It means so much to all of us.  Than you again to the Bodeker’s for opening their home to us on Thursday!!
Whatever It Takes!!

We took 2!!

Our first game against #17/18 Louisville in the drizzling rain and cold came down to the wire. We were up 3-0 until the 5th when Louisville scored 2 runs. Kim Reeder threw a great game and was relieved by Lindsay Bodeker in the 5th with 2 outs.  Bo held her ground and shut down the persistent Louisville offense.  Tory Haddad accounted for all 3 of the RBI.  Dee Dee Hillman ran into the brick wall known as Leah Ledford in the outfield, but Leah held onto the ball to make the out.  The game was ended on an amazing diving catch on the left field line by Hillman.  It looked pretty darn snazzy.

In between games, we headed to Quizno’s to fill our bodies with much-needed food after the long game against Louisville.  To kill even more time after eating, we headed back to the bus and tuned on the ACC Basketball tourney on ESPN. Then we went back to the fields to get ready to warm up.  Naturally, the game before us between Minnesota and Louisville had to get tied up in the last inning and go to extras. Thankfully though, it got done in 8 when Louisville scored.  So we prepared to take the field against another opponent, Eastern Michigan the school up north’s second cousin, I believe was the wording used by Tory.

DESSERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks to our run-ruling of Eastern Michigan, we won dessert.  Coach told us we’d get it if we scored 3 more when we already had 5 … well we scored 6 after that proposal was made.  The bats were alive this game!!  Tory, Alicia, and Sam knocked BOMBS over the monstrous 10 foot wall that surrounds Ulmer Stadium.  Bo threw a no-hitter.  Woot woot!!  The defense was solid.  Errorless.  Unfortunately, we don’t get our dessert until tomorrow.

Tomorrow we hope to shut out and run rule Eastern Michigan, again, and go undefeated for the weekend, again.

Take 1 Bucks!!  Whatever it takes!!


p.s. Dre-I feel terrible and owe you a meatball.  And Beach, I will try never to do an impression of you again in a public restaurant in front of our whole team.  We aspire to be like you πŸ™‚

Another victorious day for the Buckeye softball program. We started off the day with a nice breakfast at the hotel and then headed to the cages to prepare for our first game against Loyola.  The bats weren’t so hot that game, but with some amazing pitching by Lindsay Bodeker, we ended up pulling off a 3-1 victory.  Another “Remember When” moment occurred when Sam Marder went into the netting behind home plate to attempt to catch a foul ball and as she gracefully fell into the netting, she bounced right back.  By far worthy of a Sportscenter Top 10 play.  By the way, does anyone know what a Rambler is?
We then proceeded to Subway where we did our team’s favorite thing: EAT πŸ™‚ Naturally, we all finished our meals and then killed some time before the next game by touring Louisville’s campus.  All of its sports facilities were rather impressive.  I’m not sure if Kim Reeder’s request will be granted in time, but she really wants a poster like all the Louisville sports teams had on the buildings.  It was neat to see that every sport had one of these monster posters instead of just football or basketball. 

As we drove on a road past the baseball and football stadiums, we approached a ginormous building.  We all looked out the window and saw “Churchill Downs” on the archway.  Suddenly it clicked that we were about to go into the parking lot of the Kentucky Derby.  Unfortunately, there were no horsies πŸ™  It was beautiful with the new and old architecture.  Tory Haddad was photographed in front of the entrance to the track as a little gift to her mommy πŸ™‚  Then our awesome bus driver, Matt, took us back toward the field for game two.
Our opponent for game two was UIC (University of Illinois Chicago).  The Flames weren’t as hot as the Buckeyes and we came away with a 10-1 victory.  Leah Ledford jacked a bomb over the left field wall and Kady Caughenbaugh had a great shot up the middle.  Megan Miller pitched a great game and even continued pitching after deflecting a ball off her cheek.  Champion.  My hat goes off to all pitchers.  They get balls hit back at them super hard and have next to no time to react.  I’ve had a few too many facial injuries and enjoy my time in being able to react to the ball.
We look forward to having another successful day tomorrow.  Take 2 Bucks!!