SASSO Tutoring is…

  • A chance for you to receive additional clarification and reinforcement of material learned in class.
  • A place for you to complete work with a professional in your presence to answer any supplemental questions.
  • An opportunity for you to gain valuable new skills and strategies to use in your class.

SASSO Tutoring is NOT

  • Having someone do your assignments.
  • A smart person telling you what to write.
  • The only time during the week that you spend on any given subject or class.
  • A replacement for attending class.


Student-Athletes will use the OnCourse system to:

  • Schedule tutoring/advising
  • View their class schedule
  • View their calendar of classes, tutoring, general events


Need help remembering how to schedule tutoring?

Need help canceling an appointment?

Additional OnCourse Resources

Tutoring Resources

SASSO is not your only resource for academic help:

  • DEPARTMENTAL TUTORING: Check your syllabus for departmental tutoring resources.
  • INSTRUCTOR: Your best resource is your instructor. We strongly encourage you to visit office hours or ask for an appointment to meet with your instructor to go over material you are unsure of.

Additional Tutoring Services

Accounting & MIS Resources
Teaching assistants will be available to help studnents for free in ACCTMIS 2000, 2200, AMIS 2300.

Dennis Learning Center
The Dennis Learning Center provides students with many resources on note taking, procrastination, test taking, and much more!

Economics Learning Center
The Economics Learning Center provides FREE peer tutoring in Economics 2001, 2002, 4001 & 4002 (and other courses, as available).

General Chemistry Learning Resource Center
This resource center provides free help in Chemistry courses such as 1110, 1210, 1220, 1250 and 1610.

Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center
The Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center provides FREE support to students of many undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics courses including Math 1050, Math 1075, Math 1148, Math 1130 and Math 1131.

Minority Business Tutoring
The Office of Diversity and Inclusion Student Services and Corporate and Community Outreach provides FREE tutoring assistance to minority business students in business related subjects including Accounting, Economics, Finance, Statistics 1430 and many more.

Physics Tutoring
There are opportunities for free tutoring as well as private, paid tutoring for physics.

Resident Hall Tutoring
In several residence halls there is certified peer tutoring in math, physics, chemistry and much more.

Resources for Chemistry and Biochemistry Students
There are many ways to get extra help around campus, this link shows you all the different resources available.

Spanish Tutoring Center
This center provides assistance to students who many need help with Spanish conversations, general tutoring or basic writing questions.

Writing Center
The Writing Center at the CSTW offers FREE help with writing at any stage of the writing process for students. This site also provides many writing resources handouts on citations, proofreaders checklist, grammar and much more.

Younkin Success Center
In partnership with Residence Life Tutoring Services, there is free peer tutoring held in the Younkin Success Center in subjects including mathematics, physics, and chemistry. This is available five nights a week for current students.