February 9, 2018

SASSO Nationally Certified for Innovative Mentoring Program


Feb. 9, 2018

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Student-Athlete Support Services Office (SASSO) at The Ohio State University recently obtained National Certification for its mentoring program through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). CRLA sets strict professional standards of skill and training for tutors and mentors working in higher education.

As one of the nation’s first universities to provide specialized support to student-athletes, SASSO continues to be innovative in providing services that meet the educational, personal, and professional needs of student-athletes.

SASSO provides comprehensive academic support services designed to meet the needs of today’s student-athletes. This includes resources such as tutoring, mentoring, and academic coaching. SASSO mentoring is one of the means provided for the student-athletes to receive additional reinforcement and support in academic proficiencies.

SASSO’s academic coaching program is yet another way to provide support to student athletes. SASSO is consistently finding ways to better its programming. Offering programming for the student athlete trying to transition to college life and balance a Division I sport is a key used for student success. Shaun Swearingen, Assistant Director of Athletic Academic Services believes, “Transition and change are difficult things for anyone to go through, student athletes are similar to other student transitioning into college; however student athletes are also required to balance the time demands of a DI sport. When thinking about academic support from a traditional standpoint, tutoring and study skills come to mind, but there is so much more to success story. With our academic coaching program, we are able to connect on an individual level with each student to discuss coping skills, time management, and other factors that impact their education both directly and indirectly.”

SASSO employs approximately 10 – 12 academic coaches per semester, many of whom are graduate students at the university. They are trained according to national standards set by CRLA mentoring certification program. Director of Instructional Support Services/Chief of Staff Kim Doran and Assistant Director of Athletic Academic Services Shaun Swearingen have created and implemented a training program that is one of the first of its kind. Notably using primarily donor funding the programming offers a benefit to both student athletes and graduate students at the university. “Through the program and Langdon T. Williams Academic Coaching fund we are able to assist close to 100 student-athletes with their transition to the rigors of college academics and student life. This program has flourished into being a very successful venture for both the student-athletes and the academic coaches, as it has provided critical skills for those entering and exiting college. We look forward to continuing to utilize funding to create programming that cultivates our young adults.” This is the second National Certification that SASSO has obtained from the College Reading and Learning Association and they are committed to finding new and innovative ways to meet the needs of student athletes.

For further information contact:

Kimberly Doran
Director of Instructional Support Services/Chief of Staff
Student-Athlete Support Services Office
The Ohio State University
614-292-7088 www.sasso.osu.edu