May 29, 2004

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The Ohio State rowing team qualified two of its three crews for the Grand Finals on the second day of racing at the 2004 NCAA Championships at CSUS Aquatic Center in Sacramento, Calif. The Buckeyes’ first varsity eight finished third in their semifinal heat to make only their second appearance in the Grand Finals of the national regatta. The second varsity eight finished fifth in their repechage heat and will advance to the Petite Finals.

“We are in good position and this is the best position we have ever been in,” Andy Teitelbaum, Ohio State head coach, said. “The first eight and the four boat are in the Grand Finals and they both will be racing for a national championship in their events. If we win all three tomorrow we stand a chance of winning depending on how things fall out.”

OSU’s second varsity eight kicked off the Buckeye racing Saturday morning. Ohio State fell into fifth-place in the first 1000 meters, 4.5 second behind the leader Yale and was unable to overcome the deficit. OSU finished fifth behind Michigan State (6:58.9) with a time of 7:00.9. Washington State won the race with a time of 6:48.4 and Yale came in second at 6:48.8. The top team teams advanced to the Grand Finals, while the remainder go the Petite Final. Ohio State will compete against Wisconsin, Michigan State, Virginia, Princeton and Yale in the Petite Finals.

In the first 500 meters of the first varsity eight race, Virginia stepped out with the lead followed by Yale, Ohio State and Michigan all tied for second. Yale clinched the lead and set the pace for the rest of the race. Ohio State finished third with a time of 6:38.9, just 1.1 seconds behind second-place Michigan. Yale came in the first with a time of 6:36.6. The top three teams in each semifinal heat advanced to the Grand Finals, while the remainder go to the Petite Final. The Buckeyes will compete against Michigan, Brown, Yale, Cal and Princeton in the Grand Finals. The Buckeyes’ first varsity four automatically qualified for the Grand Finals, as they won their preliminary heat Friday. OSU will face Yale, Washington, Virginia, Brown and Cal in the Grand Finals.

“This is an unbelievable regatta,” Teitelbaum. “There are a lot of crews here matching or exceeding our speed. It has been a great season so far and we have one more row left in it and we are going to squeeze everything we can out of it.”

Three teams, Yale, Brown and Cal, qualified for all three Grand Final events. Michigan qualified both its first and second eight boats for the Grand Finals. OSU’s first eight and four boat advance to the Grand Finals. Washington’s second eight and four boat advance to the Grand Finals. Virginia, Washington and Princeton will only compete in one Grand Final event.

2004 NCAA Championships – Day 2 Ohio State Race Results

IIV8 – Heat 1 1. Washington State6:48.4 2. Yale 6:48.8 3. Virginia 6:49.3 4. Michigan State 6:58.9 5. Ohio State 7:00.9 Top 2 to Grand Final; remainder to Petite Final

IV8 – Heat 1 1. Yale 6:36.6 2. Michigan 6:37.8 3. Ohio State 6:45.6 4. Virginia 6:40.1 5. Notre Dame 6:51.3 6. USC 6:51.31 Top 3 to Grand Final; remainder to Petite Final