COLUMBUS, Ohio The 14th-ranked Ohio State rowing squad battled winds and rain during the Big Ten Challenge at Griggs Reservoir Saturday. Both the Buckeye First and Second Varsity crews went undefeated during the day. It was calm weather in the morning races, but during the afternoon, harsh winds and heavy rain made for challenging rowing conditions.

The First Varsity Eight (4-5) crew of Claudia Wurzel, Cleonice Renzetti, Mary Sheehan, Tess Prescott, Gabriele Albertaviciute, Sara Wallace , Peta-Leigh Dakyns, Katie Flarida and coxswain Kate Hanseman, started its race rowing 40 strokes per minute to Wisconsin’s 44- stroke average. The Badgers and Buckeyes stayed even in the beginning of the race, with Ohio State gaining a slight lead in the first 50 meters. The Varsity Eight showed its ability to stay with Wisconsin and eventually gained a four-seat lead on the Badgers, which it was able to maintain. Eight-hundred meters covered on the course, the Buckeyes took a seven-seat lead over Wisconsin. By the 1,000-meter mark, the Scarlet and Gray took a boat-length lead. With head wind making it a hard race, Ohio State won the race, clocking in at 6:45.2, ahead of Wisconsin’s 6:50.4.

In the last race of the day, the First Varsity Eight rowed against Iowa, with both boats starting out even. At the 400-meter mark, Ohio State eased ahead of the Hawkeyes with a two-seat lead. The Scarlet and Gray did not let up, advancing to a four-seat lead while racing at 34 strokes a minute 500 meters in the course. Halfway in the race, the Buckeyes broke open water. With the last quarter of the race remaining, Ohio State gained a boat-length of open water and continued to press forward defeating Iowa with a time of 6:54.9 to go 2-0 in the Big Ten Challenge. The Hawkeyes finished at 7:05.4.

The Second Varsity Eight of Simone Haubner, Carolin Helmholz, Patricia Goodeman, Zuzanna Trzcinska, Nora Franzen, Charlott Goldstein, Anniken Ellingsen, Susanne Herbrand and coxswain Erika Benford, crew remains undefeated on the season. In the morning race, the Buckeyes started rowing at 41 strokes a minute, edging out Wisconsin within the first 250 meters of the course. Ohio State gained eight seats on the Badgers around the 500-meter mark. Between 500 meters and 1,000 meters, the Scarlet and Gray made open water and led by a comfortable lead over Wisconsin until the finish. Ohio State finished at 6:56.1, followed by Wisconsin at 7:11.8.

The Buckeyes started out strong in the Second Varsity Eight race against the Hawkeyes. Ohio State gained a four-seat lead of open water over Iowa at 400 meters. Racing at 33 strokes a minute, the Scarlet and Gray took at seven-second lead a quarter into the race. Iowa tried to hold even with the Buckeyes, but at 1,000 meters, Ohio State had developed a 13-second lead. The Buckeyes clocked in at 7:06.5 in front of Iowa’s 7:28.7. The Second Varsity Eight held a 2-0 mark in the Big Ten Challenge and improved its overall record to 10-0 on the season.

The First Varsity Four fell to Wisconsin in its morning race of the Big Ten Challenge. Both crews began the race at 33 strokes a minute, but Wisconsin quickly took a five-seat lead at the second 500-meter mark. Rowing 34 strokes a minute, the Buckeyes were able to cut the Badgers’ lead to a seat. Ohio State tried to pull even, but Wisconsin eventually moved to a two-seat lead. Both crews continued to exchange moves, but the Buckeyes fell short with the Badgers improving to a five-seat lead. The First Varsity Four finished at 7:47.8 behind Wisconsin’s 7:43.7.

The First Varsity Four crew of Ingrid Aasaaren, Jackie Ruetenik, Caroline McPherson, Andrea Dymalski and coxswain Kristin DiJosie went 1-1 for the day, defeating Iowa in its afternoon race. Ohio State opened the race rowing 39 strokes a minute.  As both boats approached the 250 meter mark, the Buckeyes gained a boat-length lead. Fifty meters later, the Buckeyes gained open water and continued to gain a comfortable advantage clocking in at 8:05.3. The Hawkeyes finished with a time of 8:33.5.

The Buckeyes’ Second Varsity Four crew’s undefeated season came to an end after it lost to Wisconsin in its morning race. The Badgers took the lead at 750 meters and never let up. At 1,000 meters, Wisconsin had gained open water and four boat lengths ahead of the Buckeyes. Wisconsin clocked in at 7:52.9 before the Buckeyes’ 8:20.3.

Ohio State’s Second Varsity Four of Ashley Korfel, Sara Reardon, Erin Shropshire, Farrah Edwards and coxswain Sam Getz finished 0-2 in the Big Ten Challenge. The Buckeyes’ were defeated by the Badgers in the afternoon. The Scarlet and Gray clocked in at 8:55.4 behind Wisconsin’s time of 8:21.3.

The First and Second Novice Eights fell to Wisconsin and Iowa in the Big Ten Challenge morning races. In the First Novice Eight race, Iowa had a boat-length lead above the Buckeyes, while the Hawkeyes continued to battle Wisconsin for the lead. Wisconsin won with a time of 7:11.4, Iowa finished second at 7:17.9 and Ohio State finished third at 7:27.9.

The First Novice Eight of Kyla Ferguson, Kate Sweeney, Debra Leitch, Alicia Caldwell, Jessica Neiding, Jill Mohr, Lindsey Titus, Adrienne Eichenlaub and coxswain Elena Reynolds fell to Iowa in its afternoon race. The Hawkeyes developed a four-seat lead at 500 meters. The Buckeyes tried to pull back, but caught a crab an oar was stuck under the water at the 750 meter mark. Iowa finished at 7:49.5 ahead of Ohio State’s 7:53.2.
The Second Novice Eight crew of Aly Day, Melissa Sillanpaa, Ally Smith, Katie Rasfeld, Courtney Tooman, Bethany Harris, Danielle Ewart, Alissa Sullivan, coxswains Regina Steigerwald, Mackenzie Pecor and Katie Burwell lost to the Badgers in its morning race. Wisconsin started the race with a three-seat lead, which quickly turned into a half-boat length lead. With 250 meters left in the race, Wisconsin gained open water and clocked in at 7:11.4, ahead of Iowa’s 7:17.9 and Ohio State’s 7:27.9.

The afternoon race in the Second Novice Eight was a battle between Wisconsin and Iowa for first place. Ohio State rowed 30 strokes a minute, but fell to the Badgers and Hawkeyes at 8:02.6. Wisconsin finished at 7:39.0 ahead of Iowa at 7:46.4.

Up next, Ohio State will travel to Ann Arbor, Mich., May 3, for the Big Ten Championships.

The Big Ten Challenge
April 19, 2008
Morning race results

Second Novice Eight
1. Wisconsin 7:11.4
2. Iowa 7:17.9
3. Ohio State 7:27.9

First Novice Eight
1. Wisconsin 7:11.5
2. Ohio State 7:17.9

Second Varsity Four
1. Wisconsin 7:52.9
2. Ohio State 8:20.3

First Varsity Four
1. Wisconsin 7:43.7
2. Ohio State 7:47.8

Second Varsity Eight
1. Ohio State 6:56.1
2. Wisconsin 7:11.8

First Varsity Eight
1. Ohio State 6:45.2
2. Wisconsin 6:50.4

Afternoon races results
Second Novice Eight

1. Wisconsin 7:39.0
2. Iowa 7:46.4
3. Ohio State 8:02.6

First Novice Eight
1. Iowa 7:49.5
2. Ohio State 7:53. 2

Second Varsity Four
1. Wisconsin 8:21.3
2. Ohio State 8:55.4

First Varsity Four
1. Ohio State 8:05.3
2. Iowa 8:33.5

Second Varsity Eight
1. Ohio State 7:06.5
2. Iowa 7:28.7

First Varsity Eight
1. Ohio State 6:54.9
2. Iowa 7:05.4