May 24, 2001%^$


%^$GAINESVILLE, Ga. – Plowing through a strong headwind, the Ohio State women’s rowing team first varsity eight placed first in its repechage heat with a time of 7:16.69 to advance to the semifinals of the 2001 NCAA Women’s Rowing Championships at Lake Lanier, host-site of the 1996 Olympic rowing competition.%^$

%^$The Buckeyes finished nearly a full shell length ahead of California (7:19.85) and Harvard (7:20.85), both of which also qualified for the semifinals. Michigan State (6:56.2) won the other repechage heat and Boston University (6:57.7) and Yale (6:59.2) also advanced from the second heat.%^$

%^$”There was a strong headwind, so this was a much longer event than the morning,” Andy Teitelbaum, OSU head coach, said. “We handled it well. We used our strength to our advantage. We got up early and answered everyone’s challenge. We beat a lot of great programs in the repechage, teams that were ahead of us last season.”%^$

%^$OSU and the other boats to advance through the repechage heats join Washington, (6:19.1) Southern California (6:19.9), Michigan (6:28.1), Syracuse (6:31.2), Brown (6:26.8) and Princeton (6:31.7), all or which qualified by winning or placing second in the three morning heats, which were held in much calmer conditions.%^$

%^$The Buckeyes will go up against Boston University, Southern California, Brown, Michigan and Harvard in the first semifinal heat Friday at 11a.m.%^$

%^$OSU must place in the top three of the semifinal heat to advance to the Grand Finals.%^$

%^$”We’re learning and getting better each time down the water,” Teitelbaum said. “We’re going to have to continue to get better if we’re going to make the Grands.”