COLUMBUS, Ohio The Second Varsity Four and Eight squads remain undefeated on the season after the 11th-ranked Ohio State rowing team hosted Bucknell, No. 15 Michigan and No. 9 Tennessee Saturday at Griggs Reservoir in Columbus, Ohio.

Both the 2V4 (5-0) and 2V8 (8-0) secured wins, giving the Buckeyes two victories in the six-race event. The First Varsity Four (4-4) and First Varsity Eight (2-5) finished second and third in their races, respectively. The First (1-3) and Second (2-2) Novice crews faired well on the afternoon with each boat earning second place.

The Ohio State Second Varsity Eight, comprised of Simone Haubner, Cleonice Renzetti, Peta-Leigh Dakyns, Carolin Helmholz, Nora Franzen, Tess Prescott, Mary Sheehan, Sara Wallace and coxswain Kate Hanseman, recorded the then-fastest time of the day, crossing the finish line at 6:56.1 as the fifth race. Competing against day-long gusty winds, the Scarlet and Gray outdistanced its nearest opponent, Tennessee, by more than seven seconds as the Lady Vols clocked in at 7:03.2. Although Ohio State and Tennessee pulled out of the starting line at an even pace, the Buckeyes, racing at 34-strokes per minute, took a four-seat lead over the Volunteers at the 400-meter mark. The Scarlet and Gray then built a nearly boat-length advantage by the second 500-meter line. Soon the Buckeyes broke open water and cruised to victory. Michigan rounded out the Top 3 with a time of 7:12.2, while Bucknell finished fourth in a time of 7:21.3.

In the Buckeyes’ second win of the regatta, the Second Varsity Four crew of Ashley Korfel, Andrea Dymalski, Erin Shropshire, Jackie Ruetenik and coxswain Samantha Getz posted a time of 8:18.4, edging Michigan (8:22.1) by almost four seconds. Ohio State pulled out of the starting line slightly behind a Tennessee squad that was racing at 32 strokes per minute. However, the Scarlet and Gray was able to pull even with the Lady Vols at the 750-meter mark and soon took the lead, stroking at a pace of 41.5 seconds per minute. Owning a four-seat lead, the Buckeyes quickly took advantage of calm waters after winds continued to pose difficulty for all four boats. With Tennessee no longer a threat, Michigan attempted to outdistance Ohio State in the last 500 meters, but with 250 meters left, the Buckeyes had an open-water lead on the Wolverines. The Volunteers finished third (8:31.9) and the Bison were fourth (8:48.8).

The First Varsity Four’s Ingrid Aasaaren, Sara Reardon, Caroline McPherson, Farrah Edwards and coxswain Kristin DiJosie recorded a second-place time of 8:16.8 was approximately 10 seconds shy of Michigan’s winning time of 8:06.2. The Buckeyes were leading the field by as much as four seats, but as the winds picked up Michigan was able to press ahead and moved into the lead before the 1,000 meter-point. With the Wolverines up three seats on the Buckeyes with about 300 meters left, Ohio State attempted the rally, but fell short.

Facing a tough field, the First Varsity Eight of Claudia Wurzel, Zuzanna Trzcinska, Anniken Ellingsen, Charlott Goldstein, Gabriele Albertaviciute, Katie Flarida, Patricia Goodeman, Susanne Herbrand and coxswain Erika Benford finished third (6:53.4), behind the fastest time of the regatta, posted by Michigan (6:47.9) and Tennessee (6:49.4). Ohio State started out in third place and attempted to battle for second place with Michigan down the stretch as the Buckeyes owned a one-seat lead on the Wolverines. However, Michigan eventually pulled even with the Scarlet and Gray and soon took the lead on all three boats.

In the First and Second Novice Eight races, the Buckeyes posted second-place times of 7:40.2 and 8:13.5, respectively. After spending majority of the race in third-place behind Michigan and Bucknell, the First Novice team rallied in the last 750 meters to overcome the Bison. Down seven seats, the Scarlet and Gray whittled Bucknell’s lead to four seats and by the time the two boats reached the 500-meter point, the Buckeyes had a one-seat lead and eventually earned the runner-up finish. The Bison ended the race in a time of 7:40.7.  

The Buckeyes took an early lead in the Second Novice Eight race, but soon trailed Michigan 750 meters into the race. With the Wolverines in a comfortable lead, Ohio State was forced to battle for second against Bucknell. With the Bison pressing, the Scarlet and Gray made an attack with about 500 meters remaining to hold on for second-place.

After hosting consecutive regattas, Ohio State wraps up the regular season at Griggs Reservoir in Columbus, Ohio, at 9 a.m. April 19 against Big Ten Conference rivals Wisconsin and Iowa.  

No. 11 Ohio State
Bucknell, No. 7 Michigan, No. 9 Tennessee
April 12, 2008
Griggs Reservoir
Columbus, Ohio

Second Novice Eight
1. Michigan 8:04.5
2. Ohio State 8:13.5
3. Bucknell 8:22.2

First Novice Eight
1. Michigan 7:29.5
2. Ohio State 7:40.2
3. Bucknell 7:40.7

Second Varsity Four
1. Ohio State 8:18.4
2. Michigan 8:22.1
3. Tennessee 8:31.9
4. Bucknell 8:48.8

First Varsity Four
1. Michigan 8:06.2
2. Ohio State 8:16.8
3. Bucknell 8:22.7
4. Tennessee 8:27.9

Second Varsity Eight
1. Ohio State 6:56.1
2. Tennessee 7:03.2
3. Michigan 7:12.2
4. Bucknell 7:21.3

First Varsity Eight
1. Michigan 6:47.9
2. Tennessee 6:49.4
3. Ohio State 6:53.4