Ohio State First Varsity Eight wins both of its races

COLUMBUS, Ohio The Ohio State rowing team started off their home season Saturday at Griggs Reservoir, facing Notre Dame and Brown in the morning session and Big Ten foe Indiana in the afternoon. The reigning Big Ten Conference Boat of the Week, the Ohio State First Varsity Eight, won both if its races.

The first win on the day for the Buckeye First Varsity Eight came in the final event of the morning session against Notre Dame and Brown. After an clean start out of the gate by all three boats, the Buckeyes claimed an early one-seat lead over the Bears and a two-seat advantage over the Fighting Irish at the 500 meter mark. The second quarter of the race saw each team keep stroke counts in the mid-30’s, while Ohio State pressed its advantage and extended its lead to nearly a boat length by the midway point.

The 1250 meter mark saw the Buckeyes put open water between themselves and the other two boats, opening up a lead that Brown and Notre Dame could not close. The Buckeye First Varsity Eight crossed the line with a season-best time of 6:22.60, while Brown crossed in 6:28.67 and Notre Dame was third with a time of 6:31.54.

The afternoon session offered a stronger wind, but rougher chop, for the First Varsity Eight to navigate through. The Buckeyes again got an early lead after a clean start, finding an open water lead by the 700 meter mark. The boat settled into a 33 stroke per minute pace by the 1000 meter mark, which allowed Ohio State to have a two-boat length lead at the 1250 meter mark and a three-boat length lead at the three quarters mark. Ohio State crossed the line at 6:22.90, just .30 seconds slower than their morning run, while Indiana came across at 6:40.63.

The Buckeye Second Varsity Eight boat fell behind early to Brown in the morning session, who earned a quick three-seat lead at the 500 meter mark. Ohio State closed the gap, surging to draw even with the Bears at the halfway point, but Brown used a high stroke rate to again lead the race at the three quarters mark. Brown held on to finish first with a time of 6:25.80, while Ohio State was second with a time of 6:27.26 and Notre Dame third at 6:41.14.

The afternoon race for the Second Varsity Eight showed about a second of improvement for the Buckeyes, who shot out of the gate and had a boat length lead at the 300 meter mark. After gaining an open water lead at 500, the Buckeyes kept the pedal down gaining a comfortable lead despite strong gusts of wind that blew at their tail. Ohio State crossed the line at 6:26.30 while Indiana came over 15 seconds later at 6:41.09.

Brown was also the winner of the First Varsity Four, using a rough start by both Notre Dame and Ohio State to stake an early lead that it would not relinquish. The Buckeyes and Fighting Irish battled for second, with Ohio State taking a close edge into the final 500 meters. Brown glided across first with a time of 7:11.50, followed by Ohio State at 7:21.94 and Notre Dame at 7:24.10.

Two Ohio State boats faced off in the afternoon session against Indiana, with both teams posting better times than the morning race. The Ohio State “A” boat led by a boat length at the 750 meter mark and by the time the boats reached the 1250 mark, both Buckeye boats were several yards ahead of the trailing Hoosier boat. Ohio State “A” finished at 7:18.80, an improvement of three seconds over the morning, Ohio State “B” crossed at 7:25.38, a big leap from their 7:45.49 performance in the morning, while Indiana came in at 8:13.29.

The Second Varsity Four boat race saw Brown shoot out to an open water lead at the 700 meter mark over both the Buckeye and Irish boats, handling the tough conditions. Ohio State managed to distance themselves from Notre Dame, but could not close in on Brown, who finished first at 7:40.90. The Buckeyes were second at 7:45.49 while Notre Dame finished at 7:59.19.

The Second Varsity Four afternoon race was canceled because Indiana did not field a boat. The Ohio State boat moved into the First Varsity Four race as the “B” boat.

Ohio State and Notre Dame were the only competitors in the First Novice Eight race, where Ohio State had a boat length lead dwindle to just a handful of seats after a few costly miscues. The Buckeyes held on, however, and delivered a winning time of 6:50.20, nearly nine seconds better than the Irish boat, which finished at 6:59.13.

Ohio State kept it going in the afternoon, using an open water lead at the midpoint to distance itself from an Indiana boat that struggled to keep a high stroke rate. The Buckeyes crossed at 6:49.40, about a second faster than the morning, while Indiana came over at 7:03.66.

The first Ohio State race of the morning came in the Second Novice Eight where Brown again did not enter a boat. The Fighting Irish took an early lead out of the start and by the 500 meter mark had extended their advantage to nearly a boat length. Ohio State could not close the gap and finished at 7:19.09, eight seconds behind the Irish boat that crossed at 7:11.12.

The Indiana boat built on an early lead in the afternoon session, finishing the race at 6:50.30. Ohio State did better their time from the morning race, clocking in at 7:03.50, an improvement of nearly 16 seconds.


9:00 – 2N8
Minnesota: 7:09.07
Indiana: 7:15.59
9:10 – 2N8
Notre Dame: 7:11.12
Ohio State: 7:19.09
9:20 – 1N8
Minnesota: 6:59.60
Indiana: 7:04.82
9:30 – 1N4
Ohio State: 6:50.20
Notre Dame: 6:59.13
9:40 – 2V4
Minnesota: 7:37.00
Ohio State “C”: 7:52.00
(Note: Indiana did not participate, so Ohio State submitted their C boat)
9:50 – 2V4
Brown: 7:40.90
Ohio State: 7:45.49
Notre Dame: 7:59.19
10:00 – 1V4
Minnesota: 7:29.98
Indiana: 8:06.42
10:10 – 1V4
Brown: 7:11.50
Ohio State: 7:21.94
Notre Dame: 7:24.10
10:20 – 2V8
Indiana: 6:38.98
Minnesota: 6:43.00
10:30 – 2V8
Brown: 6:25.80
Ohio State: 6:27.26
Notre Dame: 6:41.14
10:40 – 1V8
Minnesota: 6:36.09
Indiana: 6:42.20
10:50 -1V8
Ohio State: 6:22.60
Brown: 6:28.67
Notre Dame: 6:31.54


1:00 2N8
Notre Dame: 7:04.00
Minnesota: 7:16.71

1:10 2N8
Indiana: 6:50.30
Ohio State: 7:03.50

1:20 1N8
Notre Dame: 6:53.80
Minnesota: 7:05.95

1:30 1N8
Ohio State: 6:49.40
Indiana: 7:03.66

1:40 2V4
Brown: 7:20.6
Minnesota: 7:28.22
Notre Dame: 7:41.21

1:50 1V4
Brown: 7:12.40
Minnesota: 7:19.82
Notre Dame: 7:25.07

2:00 1V4
Ohio State “A” 7:18.8
Ohio State “B” 7:25.38
Indiana: 8:13.29
(Note: Ohio State “B” moved from 2V4 to 1V4 because Indiana did not field a 2V4 boat)

2:10 2V8
Brown: 6:32.20
Notre Dame: 6:36.78
Minnesota: 6:50.73

2:20 2V8
Ohio State: 6:26.30
Indiana: 6:41.09

2:30 1V8
Brown: 6:22.00
Minnesota: 6:25.91
Notre Dame: 6:27.33

2:40 1V8
Ohio State: 6:22.90
Indiana: 6:40.63

Temperature at Griggs Reservoir at 9:00 a.m. – 40 degrees
Tailwind of 15-17 mph