Five of six Ohio State boats advance to Grand Finals; First Varsity Four takes first

COLUMBUS, Ohio The Ohio State rowing team played host to the 2009 Big Ten Championships Saturday at Griggs Reservoir and took third on its home course.

The Buckeyes finished with 123 points, just three points shy of second-place Michigan. Michigan State won its second-consecutive championship with a total of 137 points.

Ohio State continued its streak of never finishing lower than third in the 10-year history of the Big Ten championships.

“We raced as well as we could today and it all came down to the First Varsity Eight boat,” Andy Teitelbaum, Ohio State head coach, said. “Those two Michigan boats were better than us today. As a group, they performed equal to or above to their seeding so you really can’t ask more from a group.”

After competing in the morning heats, the Buckeyes advanced to five of six Grand Finals, including all four varsity boats. Michigan and Wisconsin were the two teams to advance to the Grand Finals in all six events.

“If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a city to put on a Big Ten championship,” Teitelbaum said. “I am grateful to the university, city and all the kids because it was a great championship. I am glad the Big Ten Network came out today because I think we showed what a great venue we have and how exciting the sport is.”

The weather for the championships was cool, but calm with mostly sunny skies for majority of the day.

The Big Ten Network will air the championships on tape-delay May 17 at 3 p.m. Overhead shots of the afternoon action were provided by the Goodyear Blimp.

Following the event, Ohio State had three members of its First Varsity Eight named to all-conference teams. Senior co-captain Susanne Herbrand was a first-team selection. Fellow senior co-captain Peta-Leigh Dakyns and junior Charlott Goldstein were named to the second team.

First Varsity Eight
The championship came down to the final race, with just six points separating the four teams in the Grand Final. The Buckeyes got out of the gate on a 42 pace and the boats were tight through the first 250m. A quarter through the race, Michigan State built a three-seat lead with Michigan and Ohio State close behind. The Wolverines then made a move past the Buckeyes to try and take on the Spartans, who continued to distance themselves from the field. Michigan State maintained control for the remainder of the race and had open water over Michigan at 1500m. The Spartans won the race, and the 2009 title, with a time of 6:06.296. Michigan crossed at 6:09.862, followed by Ohio State (6:13.746) and Wisconsin (6:17.036).

Second Varsity Eight
Ohio State and Michigan State battled the length of the course, with the Spartans edging the Buckeyes in the final 500m for the win. After a clean start, the pack was tight through the first 250m. The Buckeyes took the early lead with a stroking average of 33, but the boats continued to race within a seat of one another. At the halfway point, the Spartans surged forward to claim a seat lead with Michigan and Wisconsin falling back. MSU then built its lead to 2-3 seats and while the Buckeyes tried to claw back in. The Spartans held strong with a finish of 6:15.065, three seconds over Ohio State (6:18.481). Michigan thrust past the line at 6:21.523, to edge Wisconsin by .134 seconds.

First Varsity Four
The Buckeyes had a strong performance throughout the Grand Final to hold the lead from start to finish. Minnesota started out strong at a 41 stroke rate, but Ohio State battled with a 38 pace and made a move to take the lead by 250m. The field was tight at first, with just a seat separating OSU, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Buckeyes and Badgers pulled away from Minnesota and Michigan and OSU had a three-seat lead at 500m. By the 1000m mark, Ohio State and UW had open water over the other two and with 500m left in the race the Buckeyes had a four-seat lead they held across the finish line at 7:00.140. Wisconsin took second at 7:02.856, with Minnesota third (7:04.328) and Michigan fourth (7:06.340).

Second Varsity Four
At the 250m mark of the Grand Final, Wisconsin took the lead over the field and never looked back. While the Badgers cruised to the win, Michigan and Michigan State battled for second place. The Spartans edged into second, with the Wolverines falling back. UM rallied past the 1000m point and walked through Michigan State, eventually putting open water to secure second. The Buckeyes moved within seats of the Spartans, but passed the finish line in fourth by less than a second at 7:08:011 to MSU’s 7:07.129. The Badgers won at 7:00.595 and UM placed second at 7:04.561.

First Novice Eight
Michigan and Wisconsin pulled out the gates of the Grand Final ahead of Ohio State and Michigan State. At the 250 mark, Wisconsin made an early move and challenged Michigan for the lead with the Buckeyes in third and Michigan State in fourth. The Badgers moved ahead by three seats over the UM, with Ohio State in third by three seats. By the 1000m mark, each boat held at least a half-boat length over the next and maintained their places to the finish with Wisconsin first (6:21.478), followed by Michigan (6:24.696), Ohio State (6:32.812) and Michigan State (6:35.958).

Second Novice Eight
Racing in the Petite Final, the Buckeyes jumped out to a quick lead off the start. At the 500m mark, the Hawkeyes made a move to pull even with Ohio State. The Buckeyes responded as did Minnesota, with all three in a tight race. Ohio State settled into the 31 stroke rating at 1000m and slowly regained the lead as both the Buckeyes and Gophers distanced themselves from Iowa. Ohio State built its lead to three seats and held on in the final sprint, crossing the finish at 6:45.805. Minnesota took second at 6:47.151 and Iowa third at 6:52.069.

Griggs Reservoir, Columbus, Ohio
May 2, 2009

Team Standings Points
1. Michigan State 137
2. Michigan  126
3. Ohio State  123
4. Wisconsin  113
5. Iowa   60
6. Minnesota  59
7. Indiana  24


1V8 Grand Final
1. Michigan St. 6:06.296
2. Michigan 6:09.862
3. Ohio State 6:13.746
4. Wisconsin 6:17.036

1V8 Petite Final
1. Iowa  6:18.872
2. Minnesota  6:19.726
3. Indiana 6:37.678

2V8 Grand Final
1. Michigan St. 6:15.065
2. Ohio State 6:18.481
3. Michigan 6:21.523
4. Wisconsin 6:21.657

2V8 Petite Final
1. Iowa  6:34.492
2. Minnesota 6:38.160
3. Indiana 6:42.766

1V4 Grand Final
1. Ohio State 7:00.140
2. Wisconsin 7:02.856
3. Minnesota 7:04.328
4. Michigan 7:06.340

1V4 Petite Final
1. Michigan St. 7:08.081
2. Iowa  7:17.901
3. Indiana 7:40.813

2V4 Grand Final
1. Wisconsin 7:00.595
2. Michigan 7:04.561
3. Michigan St. 7:07.129
4. Ohio State 7:08.011

2V4 Petite Final
1. Minnesota 7:06.982
2. Iowa  7:17.888
(Indiana did not race)

1N8 Grand Final
1. Wisconsin 6:21.478
2. Michigan 6:24.696
3. Ohio State 6:32.812
4. Michigan St. 6:35.958

1N8 Petite Final
1. Minnesota 6:36.950
2. Iowa  6:38.404
3. Indiana 6:46.740

2N8 Grand Final
1. Wisconsin 6:36.547
2. Michigan 6:36.645
3. Michigan St. 6:47.921
4. Indiana 6:51.941

2N8 Petite Final
1. Ohio State 6:45.805
2. Minnesota 6:47.151
3. Iowa  6:52.069

2009 Big Ten Rowing Championships
All-Conference Awards
First Team
Sarah Schmidt Michigan State
Lauren Gamble Michigan State
Amanda Dunnill Michigan State
Caitlin Trumbull Michigan
Karen Colwell Michigan
Susanne Herbrand Ohio State
Theresa Shields Wisconsin
Sheila Rinozzi Iowa
Lisa Pugh Minnesota
Ashley Johnson Indiana

Second Team
Ashley Peach Michigan State
Nancy Diehl Michigan State
Ashley Kroll Michigan
Adrienne Mecham Michigan
Peta-Leigh Dakyns Ohio State
Charlott Goldstein Ohio State
Maggie Galloway Wisconsin 
Jessica Novack Iowa
Ashlee Vilmo Minnesota
Rachel Anderson Indiana

Sportsmanship Awards
Sarah Tinsley Indiana
Hannah Miller Iowa
Taylor Day Michigan
Ashley Wenneman Michigan State
Tina Cho Minnesota
Mandy Merritt Ohio State
Brittany Renault Wisconsin