All Ohio State Varsity boats undefeated on the day, Buckeyes next face Washington State Sunday also at Griggs Reservoir

COLUMBUS, Ohio The Ohio State rowing team finished up action Saturday at Griggs Reservoir in Columbus, where they took on Bucknell and Oregon State. All the Ohio State Varsity crews took first in their respective races.

Conditions for racing today were ideal in the morning session, with calm water and a slight breeze, while the afternoon session offered a stiffer breeze and slightly more chop.

The teams return to Griggs Reservoir Sunday morning to conclude regular-season action, with Ohio State taking on Washington State.

The last race of the morning produced the closest race of the session, with the two-time Big Ten Boat of the Week, the Ohio State First Varsity Eight, taking on Oregon State. The eighth-ranked Buckeyes were hot out of the start, putting open water between the two boats at the 750 meter mark. Oregon State made a strong charge in the third 500 meters, closing the gap to just a boat length and setting up a dramatic push to the finish line. The Beavers made a strong push, but fell just short as Ohio State cruised across the line at 6:42.62, just a second and a half faster than Oregon State, which came across at 6:44.11.

The Buckeye First Varsity Eight took home their second victory on the day against Bucknell in the afternoon session, pushing out to a boat length lead at 500 meters. With the wind picking up as the teams entered the midway point, the Buckeyes put open water between themselves and the Bison boat. As the crews entered the home stretch it was Ohio State out front by nearly a two boat lengths. The Buckeyes crossed the line at 6:42.30, while Bucknell trailed behind at 6:57.32.

The Ohio State Second Varsity Eight shot out to an early lead, holding a boat length lead at the 250 meter mark over Oregon State. The Beavers stayed close throughout, but could never quite close the gap the Buckeyes opened up. The 1000 meter mark had Ohio State with an open water lead, on their way to a finishing time of 6:49.10. The Oregon State boat came in just behind with a mark of 6:55.89.

The Buckeye Second Varsity Eight kept it going in the afternoon session against Bucknell. After a quick start that saw the Buckeyes claim an open water lead at 750 meters, Ohio State continued to push the pace and had a 10 second lead at the midway point. By the 1250 meter mark the lead was even larger, with Ohio State holding a lead of two boat lengths of open water. The Buckeyes finished at 6:47.11 while Bucknell came over the line at 7:10.49.

Two Buckeye boats went out in the First Varsity Four along with the Oregon State Four. The Ohio State “A” boat claimed an open water lead over the Oregon State boat at the 750 meter mark, a lead they would shrink to only a few seats by the 1500 meter mark. The Ohio State “B” boat kept pace early, but fell off late as the Beavers surged toward the finish line. The Ohio State “A” boat responded to the Oregon State challenge, coming over in first place at 7:38.55, while the Beavers were second at 7:40.12 and Ohio State “B” was third at 7:53.64.

The Buckeyes were also the victors in the afternoon session against Bucknell, with the Ohio State “A” boat shooting out to a quick open water advantage at the 500 meter mark, while the Buckeye “B” boat trailed the Bison by several seats. The Scarlet and Gray “A” team pressed the advantage, moving out to a two boat length lead by the 1400 meter mark. Ohio State “A” cruised from there, taking a winning time of 7:48.50, with Bucknell second at 8:00.11 and Ohio State “B” third at 8:11.09.

It was another early lead for a Buckeye boat in the First Novice Eight, one that was slowly whittled down by a hard-charging Oregon State boat. The Buckeyes’ one boat length lead at the 750 meter mark became a virtual dead heat by the 1250 mark. This time, Oregon State was too much and captured the come-from-behind win with a mark of 7:01.20 to Ohio State’s time of 7:08.77.

The afternoon race for the First Novice Eight was the tightest of the day, with just .13 separating the first place boat of Bucknell and the Buckeyes’ second place boat. The Bison held a four seat advantage at the 1000 meter mark, but Ohio State did not relent, picking up a slight lead with just 250 meters left. It was a photo finish, with the Bucknell boat surging past the Buckeye boat by the slimmest of margins with a 7:06.26 time. Ohio State finished at 7:06.39.

The earliest race of the day for Ohio State came in the Second Novice Eight, pitted against Michigan State. After an even run by each boat through 1000 meters, the Spartans pushed hard and moved the lead out to a boat length at the 1500 meter mark. Michigan State won with a time of 7:14.08, clipping the Buckeyes’ time of 7:30.89.

The afternoon race saw the Buckeye boat take on Bucknell as winds and wake began having an effect on the boats. The Bison had a small advantage as they crossed the midway point, an advantage they pressed as the race neared the home stretch. They really turned it on at the 1500 mark, distancing themselves and coming across at 7:34.60 to the Buckeye boat that came over at 7:46.29.


2N8 1:00
Michigan 7:17.66
Michigan State 7:28.42

2N8 1:10
Bucknell 7:34.6
Ohio State 7:46.29

1N8 1:20
Michigan 6:53.06
Washington State 7:03.18

1N8 1:30
Oregon State 7:07.30
Michigan State 7:13.15

1N8 1:40
Bucknell 7:06.26
Ohio State 7:06.39

1V4 1:50
Michigan “A” 7:37.30
Washington State 7:43.91
Michigan “B” 7:46.91

1V4 2:00
Michigan State “A” 7:36.22
Oregon State 7:39.43
Michigan State “B” 7:55.08

1V4 2:10
Ohio State “A” – 7:48.5
Bucknell 8:00.11
Ohio State “B” 8:11.09

2V8 2:20
Washington State 6:51.94
Michigan 6:58.22

2V8 2:30
Michigan State 6:46.60
Oregon State 6:55.88

2V8 2:40
Ohio State 6:47.11
Bucknell 7:10.49

1V8 2:50
Michigan State 6:37.10
Oregon State 6:41.53

1V8 3:00
Michigan 6:39.58
Washington State 6:44.56

1V8 3:10
Ohio State 6:42.30
Bucknell 6:57.32


2N8 9:00
Michigan 7:17.20
Bucknell 7:30.40

2N8 9:10
Michigan State 7:14.08
Ohio State 7:30.89

1N8 9:20
Michigan 6:57.20
Bucknell  7:06.70

1N8 9:30
Michigan State 7:02.19
Washington State 7:03.42

1N8 9:40
Oregon State 7:01.20
Ohio State 7:08.77

1V4 9:50
Michigan “A” 7:40.8
Michigan “B” 7:46.59
Bucknell 7:53.30

1V4 10:00
Michigan State “A” 7:38.30
Washington State 7:48.65
Michigan State “B” 7:53.01

1V4 10:10
Ohio State “A” 7:38.55
Oregon State 7:40.12
Ohio State “B” 7:53.64

2V8 10:20
Michigan 6:54.70
Bucknell 7:06.62

2V8 10:30
Washington State 6:43.27
Michigan State 6:45.95

2V8 10:40
Ohio State 6:49.10
Oregon State 6:55.89

1V8 10:50
Michigan 6:43.18
Bucknell 6:59.97

1V8 11:00
Michigan State 6:41.30
Washington State 6:50.99

1V8 11:10
Ohio State 6:42.62
Oregon State -6:44.11