October 27, 2017

Rose Carr Feels at Home in Columbus


Oct. 27, 2017

Columbus, Ohio – Sibling rivalries usually rule the roost growing up, but for Rose Carr and her sister, Tara, it was the exact opposite. Rose, a freshman rower at Ohio State, and Tara, a sophomore rower at the University of Louisville, bonded over the sport and achieved some amazing feats at the national level.

Growing up playing a number of sports, Rose was an active, do-it-all kind of girl that enjoyed being outdoors. After Tara discovered the sport of rowing in eighth grade, Rose decided to take it up as she entered the seventh grade. A near two-year age gap, but one-year school difference allowed the sisters to grow closer through the sport.

“We have a pretty good relationship together,” Rose mentioned. “We rowed doubles together for three years in high school. My favorite race with her was at the Head of the Charles. We got fifth there (in 2015)…it was really, really fun, and it was a good course.”

Rose comes to Columbus with a multitude of international experience. Most recently, at the 2017 World Rowing Junior Championships, a member of the United States’ women’s four, she garnered bronze in from the third seat with a time of 7:04.60 at the regatta in Lithuania. In addition to rowing internationally, Rose was a 2017 the Youth National Champion in the double sculls which was an improvement from her aforementioned fifth-place showing at the 2015 version of the youth championships with her sister.

Asked to elaborate on why she chose Ohio State: “The team culture. I just felt at home,” Rose noted. “The work is too hard not to lean on each other. You can’t go at it alone. The important things are being a good teammate and putting in the work. When I was on my visit, I felt myself being able to fit in here very easily.”

Adapting to a new class schedule, different training regimen and living on your own can be difficult for a freshman, but Rose has taken the adjustment in very advantageous manner.

“It took me a little bit (of time) to figure out the pattern of it (classes), but once you do, it’s really not that bad. You just have to stay on top of your stuff and find something interesting to study.

“The first couple of workouts we did took a little getting used to. Getting used to how much volume we do here in our lighter workouts compared to high school.”

Having rowed as a member of the U.S. national junior team has provided the Newark, Del., native some extra motivation and planted the idea of rowing for the senior national team.

“I have aspirations of rowing on the U.S. women’s senior national team in the future,” Rose said. “Being on the junior team has been an awesome experience. There are some days you don’t want to train, but you remember how it felt competing at that level. I just know I want to be doing this for a long time.”

In order to achieve that, Rose knows what is ahead of her and she takes a keen liking to the advice from her mother.

“She gives me my work ethic,” Rose mentioned. “If you’re going to do something, be great at it. If you’re going to go and do something, go and be great. That’s the inspiration that she provides me.”

Rose is in the perfect place, at the perfect time for her to achieve everything she wants in life. Welcome to Ohio State rowing.