Restrooms/Seatback Chairs

Men’s and Women’s restrooms are located throughout Ohio Stadium. ADA accessible restrooms are located near sections 8A, 9A, 10A, 11A, 17A, 18A, 19A, 28A, 33A, 34A, 37A, 38A, 3B, 12B, 28B, 7C, 10C, 11C, 13C, 14C, 15C, 19C, 20C, 23C, 28C, 29C, 17D, 19D, 25D. Family restrooms are located near sections 9A, 11A, 12A, 20A, 23A, 33A, 37A, 38A, 23C, 24C, 19D.

Seatback Chairs
Seat Cushions (foam and without backs, zippers, or storage slots) are allowed to be brought into the stadium. Guests demonstrating specific medical needs for personal Seatback chairs may enter the Stadium with a doctor’s note at the Band Center entrance (between Gate 10 & 12) or at the Press Entrance (between the Huntington Club and Gate 23) to have their items inspected. Please visit the Prohibited Items area of this page for more information on personal Seatback chairs.