Women’s track and field senior answered fans’ questions Thursday

COLUMBUS, Ohio Veronica Jatsek, a senior thrower on the Ohio State women’s track and field team, held a live online chat on to answer fans’ questions Thursday. Read a full transcript of the chat below.

The Walton Hills, Ohio, native is a three-time All-American, earning the honor in the weight throw during the 2007 and ’08 indoor seasons and in the hammer throw in the 2007 outdoor season. A standout amongst Big Ten competition, Jatsek had a season and conference-best toss in the hammer throw en route to a third-place finish at the Drake Relays April 26. Jatsek was the top competitor from the Big Ten with a toss of 203 feet, 8 inches. Her brother, Lenny, is also a senior All-American for the men’s program at Ohio State.

This weekend, the Buckeyes host their first and only home meet, the 23rd Jesse Owens Track Classic, Friday-Saturday at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. Admission to the meet, which is co-hosted by Ohio State men’s track and field team, is free.  

Welcome to Veronica’s chat. Please post your questions for her here.  

Veronica is here so we will go ahead and begin.


How does it feel- what does it mean to you- to be such an outstanding representative of Ohio State as you travel around the country? Good luck this weekend!


I think OhioState is one of the best universities for athletics in the country so it means a lot to wear its colors. Wherever you go you know there is a Buckeye fan. At every meet you hear “OH-IO” so you are put in the spotlight but it’s a good one to be in.

Wilma Flinstone:bedrock:  

Veronica what might you do to the couple that wrote all kinds of funny stuff on your car when you left it in the parking lot having to go away for a track meet last weekend !!!!!!!!!!


She’ll have something waiting for her today.

Jim:Franklin, OH:  

How did you decide on attending OhioState?


I went to AshlandUniversity right out of high school. I felt more comfortable going to a smaller school at first. But I really missed competing with my brother Lenny because he is the one who got me into the sport. I transferred to OhioState which had the major I wanted, construction systems management.

Sis:Put In Bay:  

Do you have to eat anything specific before a meet?


I eat a sesame bagel, not toasted, with cream cheese.

Jared:St. Henry, Ohio:  

What’s the most important thing you do in your training?


Lifting is pretty religious in this sport. We lift really heavy on Sunday and light and fast on Thursday. It sets up how we are going to feel throwing the rest of the week.


Are you an ambi-turner with the hammer?


No. I’m lucky if I can get three turns in going the right way.

Tina Elfrink:West Jefferson:  

What are you hoping to throw this weekend? It looks like the meet will be real good!!!!


A personal best is always nice and I’ve been pretty consistent every week on improving my marks. I’d be happy with an inch better. It’s going to be a really good hammer competition because seven Big Ten teams and some of the top post-collegiate throwers are coming.


How has your brother, Lenny, motivated you to compete at such a high level – in a more supportive or competitive role as siblings competing in the same sport? In a similar vein, could you have accomplished all that you have without Lenny?


It’s not competitive between Lenny and I because it is more supportive. We rely on each other for the kind of support you just can’t get from a teammate. We just know each other so much better. I think that both of us would have done great separately but that together we’re unstoppable. Plus, I could never compete with his bench.

Rosemary :Bedford, OH:  

Besides your brother Lenny, who was your biggest influence in your throwing career? By the way you are an awesome athlete and a great role model for other women throwers!


Jud Logan was an inspiration. He recruited me out of high school and sparked a real passion in the sport for me. Other than him, I don’t think I’ve idolized any other throwers. I’ve always just thought of other great throwers as friends. If I idolized them and only looked at them as inspiration that would be putting their performances up on a pedestal. I need to think that if they can do it, I can do it. That’s the only way to achieve big dreams.

Joey M.:KeeneState:  

I’ve watched a lot of videos of you throwing at the NCAA National meets. Congrats on all of that. My question is: what kind of workouts do you do? You look really strong. What is a typical week for you?


During the season, we do all of our heavy lifts on Sunday which is clean or snatch, high pull, squat, bench, incline and other auxiliaries. We do a light and fast on Thursday or Friday to wake the nervous system back up. All of the OhioState throwers are really strong and we take a lot of pride in that. You don’t have to be really strong to throw far but it makes things a lot easier.

Brian E.:Westlake:  

I heard a rumor that you eat York Peppermint Patties before you throw for good luck….is that true?


No, I only eat peppermint patties when the Cleveland Indians play.

Buster E.:Westlake:  

What is the funniest moment in your Buckeye Career?


I’ll have to think about that.

Gary T.:Columbus:  

What do you do for fun when not training???


I relax. Travelling and training takes so much out of you that it’s nice to stay at home and hang out with your friends and family.


What is your favorite part about Columbus and OhioState?


Football season. The school and the city have a great atmosphere. It’s awesome to be a part of a school that has some much school pride.


What made you want to throw the hammer?


I also had the intention of just throwing the shot far. I never thought I would throw the hammer. I think the event chose me. But I’ve been an All-American in the hammer and the weight throw so I don’t have any complaints.


What is the best part of a track meet?


The best part of a track meet is when you are warming up and you get that adrenaline rush and all the butterflies. The week of training is so hard that the competition is the reward.

P Pojman:Walton Hills:  

Do you wear any good luck charms when you throw?


I have a teal bracelet that I’ve worn since I was 16 years old. I got it from a thrift store and it doesn’t have a meaning but I just always wear it.


Do you do anything special before a meet?


I try to get my best sleep of the week two nights before. The night before I’m always so nervous so I make sure I get a lot of sleep two days before.


What is your favorite movie?


I have too many favorites to choose one. But I love funny movies.  

That’s it for Veronica. Thanks for all the questions.