Sophomore golfer answered fans’ questions Tuesday

COLUMBUS, Ohio Sophomore golfer Patrick Simard held a live online chat on to answer fans’ questions Tuesday. Read a transcript of the chat below.

Simard, a native of Marbella, Spain, has led the Buckeyes in stroke average the majority of the season, currently atop the category with a 71.9. Of his 19 rounds this season, only seven have been over par and he is tied for the team lead with eight rounds under par. Earlier this season, Simard fired a 65, the lowest round for a Buckeye this season, during a single-round tri-match with Iowa State and Florida Atlantic to win the event. The score of 7-under par also earned him Big Ten Golfer of the Week for Feb. 20, the first Ohio State men’s golfer to receive the award since April 2005. Although he is only in his sophomore season, Simard is the most experienced member of the Buckeyes, playing in 40 rounds with a 74.8 career stroke average.

Simard and the Buckeyes will host their only regular-season home event April 12-13 at the 39th-Annual Robert Kepler Intercollegiate at Scarlet Course. The event opens with 36 holes Saturday and concludes with 18 holes Sunday. Ohio State has won its home event 23 times and is in the hunt for its first Kepler victory since 2003. Along with in-state foe Kent State, the 15-team field also features seven Big Ten rivals, including No. 22 Michigan State.  

Welcome to Patrick’s chat. Please post your questions for Patrick here.  

Patrick is here so we will go ahead and begin.


Hi Patrick. Is there anything you worked on between your freshman and sophomore seasons? Anything in particular that you learned during your first college season? Go Bucks!!!


Over the summer I realized that my short game was one of the aspects of my game I needed to work on. So I spent most of my days around the greens. I’m doing better now in my short game but I can always work harder. I learned last year that every shot is important no matter what.


Hi Boet! What are you doing answering questions online? Hope all is well at your end, Regards. Quintin


The Spaniard must be popular in the States. Just working hard on my game and the hard work is paying off. Thank you for all your support. Hope all is well.


Since you’ve been at OhioState what’s the biggest thing you’ve learned that has improved your game?


Short games win championships.


Hi Patrick! They say golf is a gentleman’s sport but I have heard that many golfers usually get angry on the course… What’s your opinion on this matter? Do you ever get angry when you have a bad round? Thanks for your comments. Cuaaaooooo


All golfers try to seek perfection but it doesn’t always happen so that is why it frustrates us. I do get angry – I guess it’s my Spanish blood. I try and learn from my mistakes and not let it happen again because we get penalized if we go overboard.


When did you first start playing golf and why?


When I was six, my dad and my granddad used to play golf every afternoon. My dad fooled me into going with them because after nine holes we could have a snack at the halfway house. My dad had cut one of his clubs down to my size and gave me a ball to follow behind them. After a while I had forgotten about the halfway house and enjoyed playing golf ever since.


How did you end up at OhioState?


Coach Brown was one of the coaches that answered my application and on my official visit I got along so well with him. As I am so far away from my family – it was important for me to be with someone I got along with. Besides that, the golf facilities are the best.

Dave:Upper Arlington:  

What is your favorite course you’ve ever played on?


My favorite courses would be St. Andrews in Scotland, Valderrama in Spain and Scarlet in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve yet to play Augusta National. In St. Andrews you have great links scenery, in Valderrama you are in a national park and Scarlet has a great design.


What’s the strongest part of your game? Anything area that you’re trying you work on?


My shots to the green are a strong part of my golf game. You can never spend enough time around the greens. Short game, short game, short game!


Hi! What do you miss most about Spain? Do you get back there often?


The food, the people, everything. It’s a totally different lifestyle. My family is there. With respects to golf – golf courses in the States are way better but more expensive. Christmas and summer break I manage to get back but I travel to the States to play tournaments in the summer.

Buckeye fan:Columbus:  

How is it like playing for coach Brown? Do you ever get to play with the golf alumni?


It’s an honor to play for him as he has had such great players in the past. He’s been here for 35 years so he must be doing something well. Every time alumni are in town we try to make time to play with them as it is nice to hear past stories about Coach Brown.

Erin:Grove City:  

What is your favorite thing to do off the course?


There’s not much time off the course between studying, classes and practice. I try to spend as much time with my girlfriend as possible.


What are the worst weather conditions you’ve played in and how do you get ready for the season when its winter in Ohio?


By far, it was worst at Kepler last year because it was cold and sleeting. There was no way I could keep my hands warm and dry. Eventually, play was suspended. We practice at indoor facilities and Scioto Country Club has helped tremendously, letting us use its facilities.


What’s the one club you can’t play without


I had a putter that was in my bag for nine years. But recently, I decided to retire it from its hard, long journey with me. I’m still debating whether I should go back to it.

Matt McFarland: Portsmouth:  

Patrick, Mitchell and I much enjoyed following you on Saturday during the round. Thanks for being so nice to him! He really likes you a lot. Do you have any advice for his game? Do you know what time you are teeing off on Sunday?


Golf is a wonderful sport so try to keep it fun so it’s something you want to do the rest of your life. Tee times on Sunday will depend on the weather and our scores from Saturday. Thank you for your support. I always enjoy having someone to talk to on the course.


I heard there is a severe slope in front of the green on four at Scarlet. Is it possible for bags to slide into the water?


There is a severe slope and no one but David Becker can attest to that better. It has happened in the past.

Laura:Greenville, Ohio:  

What are you studying at OhioState? What do you want to do after college?


I’m studying International Business at OhioState. Afterwards, I will pursue my dream and be a professional golf player.

Tim:Indianapolis, Ind.:  

What type of strength training, if any, does the team do? How does a normal practice run?


In season, we have lighter workout that consists of general fitness and conditioning. In the winter, it’s hard core lifting. As a golfer, I don’t particularly like the workout we are doing but it’s in the process of changing.

Matt McFarland: Portsmouth:  

Thanks, Patrick. Mitchell wanted me to ask you what type of putter was you old putter that you recently retired? We are planning to come up on Sunday so try to look for us. Go el Toro!


The old putter is a Callaway. I’m sure I’ll find you Sunday.


Coach Brown has been at the head of OhioState’s program for sometime now. What have you learned from him as a coach?


KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid.


Where’s the coolest place you’ve played at? Have you played in many different countries?


Every course has its mystique. I have had the privilege to play in several countries. I would have to thank my dad for that.