COLUMBUS, Ohio Men’s lacrosse senior Kevin Buchanan held a live online chat on to answer fans’ questions Friday. Read a full transcript of the chat below.

Buchanan leads the Buckeyes with 23 goals and is second in points with 36. He carries a 38-game scoring streak into Ohio State’s game with Air Force. The Buckeyes and Falcons will meet at 11:30 a.m. Sunday in Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium on Senior Day.    Kevin is here now so we’ll get started.
john:syracuse,ny:    What do you think of Stefan?
Kevin::    I think Stefan (Schroder) is a great goalie. Even though he is a great stop some of his best assets are his communication and his clearing. He is going to be a big part of us winning these next couple games. Look for him in the MLL.
Coach Bushy:Towson:    Where is Cockyesville??
Kevin::    Cockeysville is a wonderful town north of Towson.
Emily:Cincinnati:    What do you enjoy the most about Ohio State lacrosse?
Kevin::    The thing I enjoy most about OSU lax is my teammates. We have a great group of guys on this team which makes every day fun.
Jared:St. Henry, Ohio:    In your time playing at Ohio State, have you seen an increase in the popularity of the sport in the area?
Kevin::    Yes, from the first time I can to OSU 4 years ago, there has been a huge increase in the sport around the Columbus area. The Buckeye camps and clinics have grown tremendously over the last couple of years. It’s great to see a wonderful game growing.
Clay:Timonium, MD:    Just exactly how many people will be attending this game on April 19th vs. Denver and will there be any free give aways at this game…a floppy hat, perhaps?
Kevin::    We are supposed to beat the attendance record when we play Denver. I don’t know exactly how many people will be there, but I can’t wait to see. About the floppy hat I will put in a word for that to be a giveaway.
Chris:Chicago, Ill.:    What do you do on an off day?
Kevin::    On a day I off I rest my body a lot. I make sure that I ice my legs so that they are fresh for the next day. I enjoy playing ping pong and hanging out with my roommates.
Jen:Columbus:    What are your plans after college? What are you studying at the university?
Kevin::    I don’t know exactly what I want to do after college. I can tell you with 100 percent confidence that I would live anywhere, except Buffalo. I would like to play in the MLL for the summer. I am studying health sciences in the College of Allied Med.
BOH:FELLS POINT:    Please explain to me, what exactly is a ghost check
Kevin::    The ghost check originated in Loch Raven Summer league, particularly under the Coaches of John and Boh. What happens on a ghost check, is when a player drops the ball without a defender within 10 yards of them. We say the player was checked by a ghost.
Bill:Connecticut:    Who is you favorite cartoon character and why?
Kevin::    Goofy is my favorite character because he loves to goof off.
Ann:Columbus:    What do you expect from the Air Force game this Sunday?
Kevin::    This Sunday is a special day for the seniors because it’s our senior day. Air Force is a big game Sunday considering if we win we clinch a conference tourney spot. I think if we play our game the outcome of the game will be what we want.
Clara:Powell:    Are you excited to play in the football stadium? How did that get set up?
Kevin::    Although it hasn’t really hit home that we are playing before the spring game, I am very excited to play in the Shoe. Coach Breschi was the main person that spearheaded the idea. He relayed it to Coach Tressel and Gene Smith and now the date is set for us to play.
Joey :The U:    What do you think about playing with Joel Dalgarno?? Is it hard communicating with a Canadian??
Kevin::    I think Number 16 is a great player even though he misses one on ones with the goalie after I throw a 20 yard pass in transition. His accent isn’t usually a problem, but he does love to say, Where’s the C-Dog eh?
Blaine:Cockeysville:    What are your plans for after college? Good luck the rest of the season.
Kevin::    I would like to play in the MLL for the summer. I would also love to try to play the indoor league in the winter. Job wise I would like to get a job selling orthopedic trauma equipment.
Pat O’Brien:Towson:    Kevin, This is your uncle Pat. Two questions: 1) What advice would you give for young players at the U15 level, and 2) When are you getting a haircut? Good luck this season!
Kevin::    Some of the best advice I can give to young players is to have your stick in your hands at all times. Play as much as you can and have fun while you are doing it. Always remember you play because it’s fun. If you are having fun you will want to play more and more causing you to become a better player.
Eric:Lewis Center, Ohio:    You scored 18 and 20 goals in your last two games. Is the team coming together offensively? What’s been the key to success on offense this year?
Kevin::    I think that our team offensively is coming together very well. Scoring 18 and 20 goals is a good confidence boaster to the offense. The offense has developed very well into an unselfish and powerful unit.