Sophomore tennis player answered fans’ questions Friday

Justin Kronauge, the 2007 conference rookie of the year on the Ohio State men’s tennis team, held a live online chat Friday to answer fans’ questions. Read his responses to fans below.

Last year, the Centerville, Ohio, native owned a doubles record of 24-9 with Drew Eberly, as the paired ended the season ranked No. 33 nationally. In singles, Kronauge went 9-1 in Big Ten play and tallied a 24-4 overall record in dual matches.

This weekend, the men’ tennis team is slated to compete at the 2007 Big Ten Indoor Tournament Nov. 9-12 in Ann Arbor, Mich.  

Welcome to Justin Kronauge’s online chat. Please leave your questions for Justin here.  

Justin is here so we will go ahead and begin.


The team made a good run last year. How does the team look this year? What does Coach Tucker have you do for training during the winter?


We lost two really good seniors last year but we picked up two top level freshmen that can fill their spots. We are looking to continue our success in the Big Ten as well as improve on the national stage. We’ll continue to have intense works out over the winter. We’ll have some down time starting next week and it will be our responsible to continue our training.


Was OhioState the obvious choice for you? Do you get to see your family much?


It wasn’t necessarily the obvious choice. I visited a lot of top level tennis and academic schools but at the end of the day OhioState was the right choice for me. Coach Tucker was the main reason I came here that and because it was close to home. My family gets to come to my play and I really enjoy having them at my matches.


Who’s your favorite pro tennis player? Do you try and model your game after anyone?


My favorite tennis player is Roger Federer because he is so talented and smooth on the court but I don’t model my game after any of the pro players.


What is it like playing for Coach Tucker? What are your practices like?


I really enjoy playing for Coach Tucker. He expects a lot of you on the court as much as we expect out of each other. I don’t think there is a harder working coach in the country. Our practices are intense so we can get the most out of our time on the court. We drill for long periods as well as play points against each other.


I played tennis in high school but didn’t continue into college. What are some of the differences between playing in high school and college?


The level of play is a huge difference from high school to college. In high school you will get recreational and seasonal players but for college players, tennis has been their life. Today many of the top players don’t even play high school tennis. They pursue national and international rankings instead.

Pat :Cleveland:  

Is continuing tennis something you want to pursue after college? What would be the next step be for you?


Yes, I would like to pursue tennis after college. I want to continue to work hard at OhioState until I graduate and then give myself an opportunity to play on the pro tour. The first step in professional tennis is at the Futures level. I played in Ecuador last summer playing these types of tournaments. I look forward to traveling internationally to give myself the opportunity to play professionally.

Erin:Colorado Springs, Colo.:  

If you could play another sport what would you play?


I really enjoy playing golf. I play as much as I can.


What’s the strongest part of your game? What was it like joining an OhioState team where players are just as good as you?


My ground strokes are the strongest part of my game. I really enjoyed coming to OhioState so I could practice and play with players at a higher level. We make each other better at practice.


Who is the team’s biggest rival?


Illinois has been our biggest rival. They won the Big Ten nine years straight and we finally won the Big Ten the past two years (2006 and ’07). It is always big when we play Illinois in tennis. Michigan is continuing to improve and will be a good matchup this year as well as Wisconsin.  

That’s it for Justin. Thank you for sending in questions and check back soon for more online chats with your favorite Buckeyes.