Junior swimmer answered questions from fans Thursday

COLUMBUS, Ohio Jake Busch, a junior on the 13th-ranked Ohio State men’s swimming team, held a live online chat Thursday, answering fans’ questions. Read a transcript of the Toledo, Ohio, native’s responses below.

Last year, Busch, a native of Toledo, Ohio, earned All-America honors in the 800-yard freestyle relay. The junior captain swam a lifetime best time of 4:25.21 when he finished 12th in the 500-yard freestyle at the 2006 Big Ten championships.

The 13th-ranked Buckeyes host the OSU Invitational at 11 a.m. Friday, 10 a.m. Saturday and 9 a.m. Sunday at Bill and Mae McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion on the campus of The Ohio State University.  

Jake’s here so we will go ahead and start.

Roman:Dublin, Ohio:  

Where are you from and why did you choose OhioState?


I’m from Toledo, Ohio, and I choose OhioState because I thought it was the best place for me for both academics and athletics.

Shelby:Upper Arlington:  

What do you eat to give you energy before a meet?


I usually eat a large meal – something with a lot of carbs – several hours both a meet. During our meets I eat fruit and powerbars.


Who has stepped up this year to replace last year’s graduating seniors-how are you guys going to make up their points at Big Tens/NCAA’s?


Our seniors are stepping up to help fill the void and our freshmen will be integral to our success this season. So far, we are where we need to be at this point of the season but we know we have a long way to go starting with this weekend at our invite.

Karen:Columbus, Ohio:  

What pre-meet rituals do you have?


As a team we stretch and go into our locker to get a pep talk from Coach Wadley. Before heading out, it’s tradition to do a cheer.

Adam :Dublin:  

What’s something people outside of the swimming world don’t know/understand about the sport?


People don’t realize how much time and effort goes into swimming. Especially on the college level – it’s more of a lifestyle than a sport because we train through the year.

Brian:Upper Arlington, Ohio:  

What’s your favorite place on campus besides the aquatic pavilion?


Ohio Stadium because, for me, that is what makes tradition at OhioState great.


What’s your major? What do you want to do after graduation?


I’m a construction systems management major and I’d like to work in the residential construction field building custom homes.


Do you listen to music to get ready for a meet? If so, what?


Sometimes for big meets. But during dual meets the events go by so fast it’s more important to support your teammates.


What is your team’s strongest event?


The 200-yard breaststroke and the 500-freestyle look to be really strong this year. But overall, this year we have more depth than in the past several years which should add to our team.


Will just working on technique during aerobic sets help me swim fast in the 500?


Technique is always important in swimming. But having courage during sets to push yourself is what really makes the difference when taper comes around.


What teams are you looking forward to competing against in the OSU invite this weekend?


This year, our goal is to win the invite. Even though the whole meet will be fast and Minnesota looks to be our biggest competition, we’re excited to race this weekend at Bill and Mae McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion.


I like your swim suit. What type do you like to wear the most? And why?


OhioState wears Nike suits. While everyone has their preferred style, I prefer a legskin because during a race it keeps my legs fresh and doesn’t restrict my body’s movements.

Matt Barr:Ohio:  

How do you like to warm up for practice, a meet? I like to swim fast during warm up, what do you think?


It’s important for each individual to figure out what their body needs to get ready to race. I generally start off easy to get stretched out and then pick up the pace and warm-up hard.


How do you spend your time outside of swimming?


Outside of swimming, it’s important for me to spend my time studying and staying on top of school work. I try to find time to relax and recover for the next practice.


My coach gives me the set 30 100’s on 1:30 freestyle. Is this similar to something you do in college for my favorite event, the mile?


Yes. Our milers often do a similar set. They feel sets like these are vital in order to have success at the end of the season. Never be afraid to attack a set from the beginning.  

That’s all the time for Jake. Thanks for the questions and check out Jake and the men’s and women’s swimming teams at the OSU Invitational this weekend at Bill and Mae McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion.