Sophomore golfer will answer fans’ questions at 9:30 a.m. Thursday

COLUMBUS, Ohio Sophomore golfer Emma Jandel held a live online chat Thursday on and answered fans’ questions. Jandel, a native of Dayton, Ohio, has played in every tournament during her two years as a Buckeye, including all 24 rounds this season. She leads the team in stroke average at 76.17 and has finished in the Top 25 in six events. Last time out, Jandel tied for 13th place at 7-over 223 in the Indiana Invitational (April 7-8) to help Ohio State take second in the tournament for its highest finish of the season.

Jandel and the Buckeyes will host their only regular-season home event April 19-20 at the 28th-Annual Lady Buckeye Invitational at Scarlet Course. The event opens with 36 holes Saturday and concludes with 18 holes Sunday. Ohio State has won its home event 11 times and is in the hunt for its first Lady Buckeye victory since 2003. Along with in-state foe and 15th-ranked Kent State, the 12-team field also features seven Big Ten rivals, including No. 16 Michigan State.   Emma is here and ready to chat with OSU fans!
Andy:Pickerington:   How do you get away from the game off the course?
Emma::   I just hang out with my friends and do other things. I like to listen to music, relax and have a good time goofing around with my friends.
Emily:Cincinnati:   How hard is it playing 36 holes and carrying your own clubs?
Emma::   It’s not too bad. I’m used to it. I love to play golf so in the summer time I’ll play in the morning until it gets dark. I guess I’ve just grown up doing it and have gotten used to it.
TJ:Columbus:   How is the team doing this year? Do you think you’ll make a push into postseason?
Emma::   I definitely think we will. We are all starting to pick our game up now and we’re excited going into these last few tournaments. We’re starting to peak at the right time.
Becky:Dayton:   Hi Emma! I was wondering what are some the challenges you face balancing schoolwork with athletics?
Emma::   It’s definitely tough to find a good balance, but school is very important to me and I try to do my best.
Rene:Dublin:   What’s the best part of your game? Anything you worked on this winter?
Emma::   Over the winter I worked on my strength a lot so that’s helped in distance and hitting more consistent shots, but I still need to continue to improve in my short game. The best part of my game would be my short game, but there’s always room to improve.
Dana:Westlake:   What other sports are you interested in?
Emma::   I like basketball a lot. I played it in high school. I thought about playing it in college until about half way through high school when I decided to focus on golf.
Maria:Powell:   Did you always want to golf for Ohio State? What brought you there?
Emma::   I didn’t have a connection with Ohio State, but Coach Hession wrote me a letter. I came here and really liked it and could see myself here. It’s everything I wanted in a school. I like the tradition and being part of the great players who have played the game here and succeeded.
Clark:Columbus:   I’ve heard the Scarlet is one of the most difficult college courses in the country. What do you think and does that help when you travel to other courses?
Emma::   I definitely agree. Our course is one of the toughest out there. It does help going other places; it makes them seem not as difficult. If you can get it around Scarlet, you can play anywhere.
Sam:CBus:   What is one thing you’ve learned from freshman to sophomore year?
Emma::   I’ve gained a lot of experience. Focusing on my short game and course management has really helped my game. In general, I’ve been more independent and have learned to figure things out on my own when it comes to school and day-to-day living.
Keith:Delaware:   How awesome is it that you get to play the OSU Scarlet Course all the time? And does the team play Scarlet or Gray? Or both?
Emma::   Playing Scarlet is awesome. We’re lucky and very fortunate to play one of the best courses every day and to have those facilities only a mile away is really nice. Yes, we play both. It’s nice to switch it up and play Gray sometimes and work on the short game.
Jennifer:Galloway:   How long have you been playing golf? And what was the factor that made golf interesting to you as opposed to any other sport?
Emma::   My dad always took me out when I was little, but I didn’t take it too seriously until high school. Even then, I played on the guys team because we didn’t have a girls team. Then I started playing other tournaments and liking it more and more. My brother and dad are both into the game, so it’s a family thing. Golf is an individual game and you don’t have to rely on anyone else, which is why I like it.
LeAnn:Chicago:   I cannot chip to save my life! Can you give me a couple tips? Especially for when the ball is just off the fringe.
Emma::   If you’re just off the fringe, try to bump and run it with a lower lofted iron, like an 8 iron. Keep your weight on your left side and play the ball a little back in your stance.
Peter:Cleveland:   Whats the best course you’ve ever played?
Emma::   Cypress Point Golf Club in Monterey, Calif. It was designed by the same guy who did Scarlet. It’s right on the ocean and it’s amazing.
Andrew:Hilliard:   Seems to be a big weekend at Ohio State with spring game, the lacrosse game and several other spring sports going on. Do you like being part of such a huge school with so many sports?
Emma::   Yes, I love it. It’s nice surrounding yourself with other athletes who are succeeding and the positive energy that comes with being around them. It gets me excited to play and compete and do well.
Rachel:Worthington:   Which course has been you favorite to play on so far?
Emma::   I really like Scarlet and my home course in Dayton, NCR Country Club. I’m lucky to have grown up and two really nice courses.
Daddy Love:Dayton:   I want you to know how much we appreciate what you’ve accomplished. Keep up the great work. You are a champion!
Emma::   Thanks Dad. I love your support and thanks for always being there.
JJ: Oakwood:   How many two dollar bills do you have!?!?
Emma::   Thanks JJ. You’re the best. Thank you for all of your support and I have a very nice collection of $2 bills.
DB:DAYTON,OHIO:   Who do you think taught you the most about your golf game? Friends, family or yourself?
Emma::   Probably my family, being around my dad and brother. My dad hung around the game ever since he was little, and I’ve done the same.
Kevin:Hilliard:   I am in my 30’s and would like to start playing golf. I have gone to the course a few times in my life, but would like to really get serious about it. What suggestions do you have? Thanks.
Emma::   Practice and make it fun. If you enjoy something you’ll want to keep coming back. Golf is a lifelong game; it’s never too late to start. I encourage you to go out and practice. You can play it for many years.
Chris:Columbus:   I’ve heard it’s tough to transport your golf clubs, is a Beetle the best car for that?
Emma::   The Beetle is great. It can fit my clubs, a few other things and a passenger, or maybe one or two more in the trunk.
Emma::   Thanks to everyone for writing in. I appreciate your interest. We would love to see you out at Scarlet this weekend. We start at 8:30 both days with 36 holes Saturday and 18 Sunday. Go Bucks!