Senior gymnast answed fans’ questions Wednesday

COLUMBUS, Ohio Senior gymnast David Ortiz held a live online chat on to answer fans’ questions Wednesday night as the Buckeyes traveled to University Park, Pa., for the 2008 Big Ten Men’s Gymnastics Championships. Read a full transcript of the chat below.

Ortiz, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, has manned both the Ohio State vault and high bar teams, helping the team to three-consecutive Big Ten titles. Sidetracked by injury halfway through his junior season, the computer science and engineering major has fought back this year to complete his final season wearing the Scarlet and Gray. Ortiz and the Buckeyes look to defend their conference title at 7 p.m. April 4 in Rec Hall on the Penn State University campus.  

Welcome to David’s chat. Please post your questions for David here.

Dan :Worthington:  

What do you think you will do for a living once your career is finished?


I hope to work with computers, hopefully developing software.

Willie:Huntington Beach:  

DJ Tiesto or Benny Benassi?


DJ Tiesto… of course.


What’s a typical workout schedule for a gymnast? How do you stay fit?


Well, we have practice everyday from 2-5 p.m. except for Saturday. I guess that keeps us in pretty good shape but on the weekends we also play tennis, racquetball or something like that.


How many times are you confused with Big Papi?


Haha – I get this all the time. I don’t mind because people always want to call me that – they can never resist.


Do you come from a family of gymnasts? How did you get involved?


Actually, no one else in my family does gymnastics. I started really late for a gymnast — around 11 years old. I got started in gymnastics after being in a kid’s club circus in Mexico one family vacation.


Who do you like more- Jake Bateman or Jimmy Wickham?


Haha – they’re both my roommates along with Eddie Hay and Andy Saurber. They’re both really great.


Is the team where it needs to be for the championships season?


Absolutely, we have done so many routines and steadily have been getting better. We had a great meet at Michigan and we’re really excited to be going into Big Tens and NCAAs.

Michael:St. Louis:  

What’s your best event?


High bar and vault.


Do you have any personal goals set for this weekend?


Well , the past three Big Tens we have been able to win and hopefully we’ll be able to get the fourth win because that would mean so much to me and my class.


I read in the paper one time that your favorite show is “Barefoot Contessa”. WHY?


That is absolutely true. Jimmy (my roommate) and I watch the cooking channel all the time and she always cooks the best stuff.


What do you do in your free time to get away from gymnastics?


I like playing tennis and beating Justin, Eddie and Pat in Halo and Call of Duty.


Is there a difference in how you prepare for vault compared to high bar?


I like to take some time to calm myself before going on my events, especially on vault because your steps need to be exactly right.


Hey man, great season. What are you going to miss the most?


I’m definitely going to miss the whole team aspect of gymnastics in college. It’s been great getting to know guys from all over the country.


Do you know the real David Ortiz?


Unfortunately, I haven’t met the real David Ortiz but I hope one day I will.


Ketchup or mustard?


Mustard for sure.


What kind of honey do you use on your grips? Generic? Name brand? Does it make a difference?


All I use on my grips is chalk and I’m not even sure what the brand is – I guess it’s all the same.


So, I saw on your profile that you like new socks and oranges. Is that true?


Haha … yes that’s true, I like blood oranges the best.

Chandra:Bronx, NY:  

Looking at this years stat, it appears the team has had a rough season so far. So, as a senior, what have you done in the past that will help the team achieve a fourth-straight Big Ten title?


We had some trouble in the beginning with injuries but most of the guys are healthy and we’ve been able to really start putting stuff together. This weekend, hopefully we’ll be able to show everyone what we’re capable of doing

Maria:New Mexico:  

What’s your favorite event? Why?


My favorite event is high bar because I get to practice with Justin Myers

Ryan:San Francisco:  

I heard pineapple is good for increasing your ratio of body mass to lean muscle. Do you eat a lot of pineapples?


I’ve never heard that but I really like pineapples.