Aug. 11, 2005

The Buckeyes held their annual media day Thursday in Ohio Stadium in preparation for the upcoming season. The season kicks off against Miami (Ohio) Sept. 3.

Sophomore flanker Ted Ginn Jr.
On two-a-days
“We’re going to have to work hard and do things right. It feels good to get out there on the field, getting each other pumped up.”

Junior flanker Santonio Holmes
On mood of team
“We are very motivated. We’re high in the rankings and ready to get the season started. We are eager to see the young guys produce and everyone is trying to make plays in practice.”

Sophomore flanker Anthony Gonzalez
On week one of practice
“It is going great so far. It’s not as hard this year because I think I’m in better shape but I’m really enjoying myself so far. People are really buying into the thought we are going to have a successful season.”

Freshman wide receiver Albert Dukes
On offensive preparation
“We are ready to start the season. We are hoping to pick up where we left off. We’re going to try to keep opposing defenses wondering what we’re going to do next.”

Junior free safety Nate Salley
On the defensive preparation
“We have a lot of potential. We have some great young guys who are flying around making plays. Right now we are just trying to transfer that potential into performance. We have a lot of guys coming back and hopefully we can do some big things.”

Junior cornerback Donte Whitner
On the beginning of the season
“We are coming out ready to go. Since we reported on Sunday everyone has been working very hard. We want to win a national championship and nothing less. We’re just going to keep working hard.”

Sophomore tailback Antonio Pittman
On the running backs
“We want to bring the running game back to Ohio State. We have some great running backs and as for me I’m not worried about numbers. It’s great to see myself penciled in as the starter. I will have to produce.”

Freshman running back Erik Haw
On preparing for the season
“I’m anxious just to get out on the field. This season is going to be beautiful. Right now we’re on the right path trying to win a national championship. We are going to have ups and downs and we’re going to see the real character of this team. In order to be champions we’re going to have to stay together through the ups and downs.”

Freshman tailback Maurice Wells
On first carry of season
“I’m very anxious. We did a little hitting yesterday and it felt really good. But I’m patient and I know my time is going to come. I’m just going to play my game at 100 percent and I’ll be ready.”

Senior fullback Brandon Schnittker
On expectations
“It feels great to have all of these expectations. That’s why you come to Ohio State. With this being the last time around for me I just want to represent this university well and really bring the young guys along. And of course, I want to win the national championship again.”

Junior defensive end Jay Richardson
On preseason camp
“Camp is going really well and it’s going to be a very successful season. We will surprise many people, but we have a lot to live up to.”

Senior defensive end Mike Kudla
On two-a-days
“Two-a-days bring confidence in the team and we will be able to find out a lot about each other.”

Senior defensive tackle Marcus Green
On the 2005 squad
“The years have flown by. Because there a lot of people from 2002 on the team, we have a lot of the ingredients to be successful. We know how to win championships.”

Junior quarterback Justin Zwick
On preseason camp
“We’re excited to be back in camp and to get going again. Obviously, the next three weeks are going to be tough but that Saturday game against Miami is the goal. We just have to keep our eye on the prize.”

Senior Linebacker A.J. Hawk
On being a senior
“It’s hard to believe my senior season is already here. I feel like I just got here. I’m excited to be here with these seniors. We’re ready to play.”

Junior quarterback Troy Smith
On his goal for the season
“My goal is to get better as a player and quarterback – to lead the team. That’s what good quarterbacks do, they make good decisions.”

Freshman quarterback Todd Boeckman
On preparing for the season
“I just want to stay focused on my game, relax and think of what I have to do. Hopefully I’ll do well.”

Senior linebacker Mike D’Andrea
On the schedule
“Well, everyone knows about the Texas game and we’re getting pumped up for the Miami game. But obviously, San Diego State is going to be a good game. They have a lot of talented players and it’s right between the Texas game and the Iowa game, so I think that’s going to be a tough one.”

Senior linebacker Anthony Schlegel
On preparing for the season
“We haven’t proved anything yet. In order to be a champion you have to take every game at a time. Whatever game we have that week, we’re going to take the time to focus on that.”

Senior linebacker Bobby Carpenter
On camp
“We’re working hard in camp and the time is right for us to get ready for this season. We’re just making sure we’re ready for Miami.”