Sept. 20, 2017

Nick Bosa

On matchup with UNLV
“The quarterback is really athletic. When he sees a closing, he takes off. That’s the biggest thing.”

On Tuf Borland
“Your typical hard-nosed middle linebacker, (a) football player that is the playcaller. He’s the guy you go to if you don’t know the play. Just ask Tuf, he’ll get you right. When it comes to stuffing the run, he’s as good as it gets.”

Branden Bowen

On running backs breaking away for long runs
“Oh, we take great pride in that. Seeing (Dobbins) break a run is one of the best feelings I’ve ever had in my life because it’s a result of what you did and a of what the other 10 guys on the field did. We were sitting (during the Army game) and looking at our rushing yards like ‘man, we gotta get this up.’ Let’s get 300 (yards), let’s keep pushing. Seeing (Dobbins) do those things is amazing.”

On Ohio State’s defensive line
“Our D-line is incredible. It’s a blessing to go against them every day because you’re going against the best D-line in the country, so if you are winning reps against them, then you know you’re ready to play against anybody in the country.”

On J.T. Barrett
“One thing he always says is, we just gotta go out there and do what we do. And that really hit home because we’re Ohio State, we have a lot of talent and we’re really good at what we do. If we just do what we do, as simple as it sounds, we will win games.”

Jamarco Jones

On J.K. Dobbins
“We do our job and he’s been doing his job. He’s been having some explosive plays and he’s fun to watch out there. He’s a guy that (can go) to the house at any time and you love blocking for guys like that.”

On offensive rhythm
“We’re just trying to get back on track and get back to doing what we do. It was nice to go out there and put up numbers like that. It’s good to go back out there and get that clicking again. We have to keep that going these next couple weeks just building up and up heading to Big Ten season soon.”

J.T. Barrett

On expanding run-pass option offensive set
“With my ability to run, guys are going to collapse on me and I have the option to pass out of it. It’s all about making the right decisions. Don’t have terrible plays. If it looks funky then gain two yards, get down or throw it away.”

On chemistry with WR Austin Mack
“I always knew he was one of those guys that had sure hands. When the ball is in the air, he thinks it’s his. He gives off a Mike Thomas type feel.”

Kevin Wilson, Offensive Coordinator and Tight Ends Coach

On J.T. Barrett being suited to engineer a run-pass option offensive set
“J.T. can do both. He’s a solid runner. He’s a solid passer. When both things get working it makes our offense complete and that’s when we’re at our best.”

On preparing for UNLV
“It’s kind of like last week. We thought Army would come in and blitz every play from all angles. We’re trying to keep our direction, move forward and build on it. We need to be ready to adjust and adapt.”

Terry McLaurin

On catching J.T. Barrett’s record-tying 106th touchdown
“J.T. isn’t going to make it a big deal but to account for the most touchdowns in Big Ten history, you can’t let let that go (unnoticed). To know that I had a hand in that is nice but I’m just happy for him and all that he’s accomplished.”

On competition amongst receiving corps
“You obviously want to be the go-to guy. That’s the competitive nature of being a wide receiver. But the way the offense is set up this year you have to be ready for any shot you get. We don’t focus on the quantity (of catches). If you get one shot you have to make it the best.”

K.J. Hill

On threat of run-pass option
“It allows us to get the ball in space. When you get it in space as a playmaker, that’s what you love. J.T. can run so (defenses) have to honor both (options). He can run it, he can hand it off or he can throw it to me or whoever is out there if somebody comes up.”