September 12, 2018

⚡️ Quick Quotes: TCU Tussle

Ohio State Buckeyes

Dwayne Haskins

On early success from wide receivers:

We play a really great defensive line and defensive backs in everyday in practice. For me it’s just anticipation and accuracy. They’re doing a really great job of getting open and making plays.

On importance of TCU game:

We take this game very seriously. Everyday in practice Isaiah (Prince), Terry (McLaurin), Parris (Campbell) and Johnnie (Dixon) emphasize how big this game is and how it’s our first key game of the season.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Nick Bosa

On the makeup of the team:

This team resembles that team from 2014 with a lot of weapons on offense. Everything just has to come together at each position. Not that our teams in the past aren’t great, I just think everything is coming together this year. A lot of young guys are super talented.


I think they’re one of the three best teams we’ll play all year. Just from film but it’ll be different actually seeing them in person.

On difference in this week’s preparation:

Our energy. Practices have been a little more intense with just more energy. We’ve played in big games so we know that they’re going to take their best shot at us. We just gotta be ready.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Pete Werner

On TCU’s offense:

They’re a fast team which means we have to pay attention to detail. One little mistake could end up in a big play. We just have to keep our eyes on their quarterback and not let him get out of the pocket. Our defense can compete with any team in the country as far as speed.

Everybody has a job on the field. If all 11 guys don’t do their job then it’s going to end up in a big play. We have to keep our eyes on the right thing and do our job from there.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Demetrius Knox

On learning from the guys last year:

Isaiah (Prince), Billy, (Price) and Jamarco (Jones) really helped me and pushed me along. I can see the change. Going back, I watch the film from a year or two ago and the player I am now, it’s just night and day.

On personal maturity:

I feel like it is my time. I feel like I’ve matured both on the field and off the field. Once I started taking more accountability of myself, everything just slowed down and the game became easier.

On the team’s philosophy:

Everything we do is fast. If we’re in the weight room, we’re moving fast. If we’re going between meetings, were going faster to be next room. So mentally we’re trained in this building. Everything we do is just fast.


Ohio State Buckeyes

Baron Browning

On defensive changes from Week 1 to Week 2:

We talked about how everyone needs to do their job. If one person doesn’t do their job, then that exposes the defense. Also, we talked about finishing the play until the whistle.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Jeffrey Okudah

On Jordan Fuller at Safety:

He definitely gives us a confidence boost. You have an experienced veteran and captain back there that’s played in a lot of big games.


Shawn (Robinson) is one of my good friends. I think he’s a really elusive runner. He has a good arm and he can throw the ball down the field. I’m really excited to see him on the field Saturday.

When we get a running quarterback, we have to stick to our man on defense. Those running quarterbacks, they can get out of the pocket and still be able to deliver a strike down the field. Our job is to stay on our man and not allow those big plays.

On TCU’s offense:

It’s pretty comparable to a lot of the other Big 12 offenses as far as spreading the ball around the field. They don’t really have just one receiver that they go to. Everyone across the board on our defense has to be ready to do their job.