March 6, 2019

⚡ Quick Quotes: 2019 Spring Practice – 1


Spring Practice 3/21

Ohio State Buckeyes

Tony Alford

On Coach Day’s Evolution:

He’s great. You can tell he’s much more comfortable with what he’s doing. Last time he got thrown in and now he’s been able to prepare for this moment. I love how his demeanor every day hasn’t changed.

On Demario McCall:

He brings a knowledge of offense. He’s going to be a matchup nightmare. He had to gain some weight which he’s doing. He’s a highly skilled player and we’re trying to hone that in. The energy and the positivity he brings every day is just amazing.

Ohio State Buckeyes

J.K. Dobbins

On changes with Coach Day:

Everything is the same for me. He was here before. He has great energy.

On watching film from freshman year:

I watch the film. Last year was a down year for me. I am moving forward and making this year better than my freshman year.

On last season

It didn’t bother me splitting reps, but you approach the game differently. I am looking forward to getting into a rhythm this season.

On spring:

I’m practicing like I’m a freshman. I can’t get better if I am resting.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Tuf Borland

On having a new coach and new players:

The personalities are different. The people are different, but the culture and the standard hasn’t changed. A ton of the young guys are hungry. Top to bottom, we have a great lineup. I feel like I’ve had to earn everything that I’ve gotten.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Demario McCall

On last year’s experience:

I feel like it made me a better football player and a better athlete overall for my future. To see the older guys push through it, I had no choice but to trust the system. Hopefully I will get to play a big role in the offense this year.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Master Teague

On preparing for a larger role:

I’m ready for anything. I plan on contributing however’s best and whatever way I can help the team.

On what’s different from last year:

Last year, I wasn’t too happy with my performance. But I’ve grown up a lot and this year I feel a lot stronger and a lot quicker.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Mike Yurcich

Assessing practice so far:

No surprises. It’s just day 2. There may be some things down the road that we’ll be more critical of but nothing surprising…The spring time is the best time to get back to the fundamentals and the basic concepts, and those are the concepts that we’re focusing on.

On adjusting here at Ohio State:

It’s a fresh start for Justin (Fields) and I. Matt Baldwin and Chris Chugunov have been here for a while. There’s a lot of youth but there’s a lot of experience. It’s neither good nor bad, but it is what it is.

On the competition between QBs:

Anytime you have competition, it raises the level of play. We’re trying to create a competition and it’ll raise play. Iron sharpens iron.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Justin Fields

On practice so far:

I don’t want to accomplish or prove anything. My goal is to become the best QB I can be here at Ohio State.

On the game plan:

I’m going to run when needed. Whatever the team needs to win the game, that’s what’s going to happen. I think we’ll do a little more under the center. It makes mixes things up a bit.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Matthew Baldwin

On the second practice:

All the newness and all the jitters are worn off, you’re getting into a groove with your guys. You’re all on the same team and pushing towards the same goal.

On his relationship with (former HS teammate) Garrett Wilson:

It’s awesome every time I see him out there. I’m cheering for him. He’s making a name for himself already…he’s starting off really good.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Ryan Day

On offensive line:

When you look at guys coming back, guys have played but we don’t have a lot of starting experience. We do have some guys but solidifying up front is important for us.

On the importance of spring ball:

Any time you have your first practice on the field, it’s critical. We’ve had a great off-season but now we need guys to step up. It was a great day to teach the fundamentals.

On the quarterbacks:

It’s going to be a battle from day one. It’s a progression along the way. Everyone’s competing but I thought it was a good start…It’s exciting to see what this is going to be like.

The more competition the better for us at all positions. The guys are going to get their reps and you’re not going to know how this plays out. You just don’t know. Getting to that first game is a long journey.

Ohio State Buckeyes

K.J. Hill

On returning for his senior year:

I thought I was out the door. Then again, I had to think about what I had to do. I rethought and made a decision. I feel like I’d have more opportunities being an upperclassman. With the Senior Bowl and other opportunities.

On the offense:

The offense will be basically be the same. Different schemes. We just have the same passing game just different schemes.

Ohio State Buckeyes

J.K. Dobbins

On any changes he’s making this season:

I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing since I got here…I’m going to keep working hard and get better day by day and make a name for myself.

On Justin Fields:

He showed up with his head down and ready to learn. I think he’s going to be great for us.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Jonathan Cooper

Best thing that happened today:

Everybody being on the field. It’s fun. Being with your brothers. It’s the last time for a lot of guys on the field. It’s a lot of fun being out there.

On the off-season:

The last couple of months we have been reflecting on what happened, where we messed up. We went back and watched some film. I feel like with the new coaches, it’s a new start. This defense has something to prove.