Aug. 5, 2017


Greg Schiano, Associate Head Coach, Defensive Coordinator, Safeties

On filling sweeper safety position held by Malik Hooker in 2016
“It comes naturally. The great ones can see the quarterback, feel where the receiver is and go make the play.”

Damon Webb

On stepping into a leadership role
“Guys look to you for inspiration. I know that I have people looking up to me and that I have to bring the juice each and every single day.”

On expectations
“BIA (best in America) every year. We want to set the standard for secondaries. We strive to be the best in America.”

Erick Smtih

On his defensive approach
“I might make the crowd go ‘ooh, ahh’ but beyond that I try to stay sound. Not trying to go out of my way, just doing my job.”

On learning the defense
“Our defense isn’t a complicated system. When you have a coach like (Greg) Schiano, it doesn’t make it difficult.”