September 5, 2018

⚡️ Quick Quotes: Rutgers Preview

Ohio State Buckeyes

Austin Mack

On the wide receivers and Dwayne Haskins:

A lot of weapons in the receiving room. With Dwayne’s tremendous arm he has the ability to hit us when we need the ball, and run the offense clean. It’s super fun.

On his relationship with Haskins:

Me and Dwayne, we’ve been buddies for a while. We met in recruiting and recently now we’re roommates. He’s a best friend of mine.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Jonathon Cooper

On what is being reinforced for this week:

Running to the ball, reading screens, reading plays, trusting the guy next to you and doing your job.

On being a starter:

(It) Means a lot to earn one of the starting spots. I’m a guy from Columbus, I grew up here, was raised here, and going out there to start for Ohio State is a dream come true. I’m playing with the best D-Line in the country.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Dre’Mont Jones

On assessment of defense’s performance vs. Oregon State:

As a defense we didn’t play up to our natural standard. Our first job is to stop the run and we didn’t stop the run. Oregon State had 176 yards in the second half and those two plays basically decided the game.

On Oregon State:

It was the first game of the season. The first game is always a feel-out game, how is the team going to be. We could always develop from the first game. It’s early and we’ve got a lot of new starters.

On Rutgers’ freshman QB:

Our eyes light up regardless of whether he’s a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior. He’s a quarterback and we want the quarterback. We’re going to get after him.