Aug. 18, 2017

Tony Alford, Assistant Head Coach for Offense/Running Backs

On expectations for running backs
“Consistency and playing as hard as you can play every single snap. Not to turn on and make excuses and put your palms up. Just play hard and understand what we’re trying to do.”

On Mike Weber’s improvements
“A much more mature player. He’s understanding the bigger picture [for the offense] vs. just what he does.”
“In the meeting room it’s great. He’ll start asking questions about stuff that he knows the answer to, but he’s bringing it out to try and get the other guys to understand things. Mike has really grown up a bunch, He has been great.”

On Demario McCall’s move to H-back
“A lot of it had to do with his skill traits and his skill sets. I think production of the other guys led to the move.”

Jordan Leasure

On Zach Turnure and Elijaah Goins earning scholarships as walk-ons
“That’s kind of the goal for every walk-on. You come in, help the team out, work hard and then eventually try to get that scholarship. … They’ve been around, and they went through the path I’m trying to go. They’re very nice, very helpful, very motivating.”

On balancing football and college
“Sometimes it gets really stressful and you think you’re overwhelmed. But when you’re in football, you’re in football. When you’re in school you just have to focus, get your stuff done, be on top of things.”

Demario McCall

Describing his role as an H-back
“Athlete, you do multiple things, shifty. … I’m in a receiver room, but I still get plays at tailback.”

On distinguishing himself
“I like the position I’m in right now. I’m still helping out the tailbacks, but I’m in a receiver room so I’m in a great position. A lot of opportunities just to get on the field.”

On history of Ohio State H-backs
“I have big shoes to fill … I’m going to go out there and make plays and just be me. … athlete playmaker.”

On J.K. Dobbins
“He’s a great athlete. What surprised me was how he got the playbook so fast. … He came in, went hard and we need him at tailback.”

Mike Weber

On J.K. Dobbins
” I feel like he’s improved a lot from spring ball. He’s learned a lot of plays. He’s an impressive running back. He’s a good pass blocker and he should help us win this year.”

On the rushing attack
“Demario (McCall)’s at H-back. J.K. (Dobbins) should play a lot this year. I’m going to play a lot. My job is to make sure I’m ready.”

On Demario McCall
“He’s very illusive. He’s good with the ball in his hands. … He can be a good weapon for us this season.”

On strength of the running back unit
“We are really strong in a lot of areas. We have the pass blockers, we have the runners, we have guys who can punch it in the hole. We have a lot of talent. Not only in the running back room, but all over.”

Antonio Williams

On last year
“It was a learning year. I had a lot to learn, a lot to adjust from.”

On running back unit
“A lot of similarity, then you have Demario (McCall). He’s the scat guy. Me, J.K. (Dobbins) and Mike (Weber) are pretty balanced guys”

On style of play
“I love intensity … I have one gear and I just go. I believe in just going. I don’t believe in hesitating.”

On making explosive plays
“Those come with experience. Me, Mike (Weber), Demario (McCall) this is our second year into this game. Well Mike’s third, but we know more about the system. We know what we’re looking for. We know where the blocks are coming from.