Aug. 14, 2017

Ryan Day, Co-Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks

On J.T. Barrett
“Today I’m proud of first off the command he’s had of the offense and the quick decision making he’s making from practice-to-practice. The ball’s coming out of his hand quickly. He’s confident in what he’s doing, his eyes are right and so the ball’s coming out on time. You can tell that he’s got a rhythm about him when he’s playing the position.”

On Dwayne Haskins
“Dwayne, (he’s) very talented throwing the football. He can get the ball out of his hand very quickly and extremely accurate. (He’s) doing a nice job learning the offense and picking it up.”

On Joe Burrow
“Joe is a really smart, tough football player. He’s a coaches son, really smart in the classroom, good skill set and has good control of the field when he’s out there. He’s been in games so he has some experience.”

J.T. Barrett

On team mentality
“The Ohio State Buckeyes, we’re going to put our hard hats on and we’re going to work each and every day as blue-collar workers. We have that blue-collar mentality as a football team.”

On expectations
“I do believe that when you talk about top-tier programs in the United States, I think you have to put us in the conversation. What we’ve done in the past. Just the history of Ohio State in general.”

On the race for backup QB
“I see those guys getting better each and every day. Battle or not, just to see us as a QB unit get better each day. Everybody knows that one guy plays, so with that you still have to get better even if you’re not the starter. Just keep on progressing.”

Joe Burrow

On J.T. Barrett
“Obviously I would like his job at some point, yes, but I’ve learned a lot from him. He’s obviously played a lot of big games, won a lot of big games so I just hope I can do that eventually…I’ve learned how to be a better leader and be vocal from J.T.”

On QB competition with Dwayne Haskins
“We’re just trying to get better every day. Obviously it’s an intense competition, but we’re good friends. We have a good relationship and we just go out on the field and compete every day.”

On how the QBs make each other better
“What happens is, the quarterback will go in and we’ll all stand behind him. If they make a mistake, we’ll try to help him. We’ll see what they see, talk about it, see the defense and talk about the play.”

Dwayne Haskins

On adjusting from high school football to college football
“You come in knowing that you were the guy in high school and now you have three or more guys in the same room as you that might be just as good as you if not better. It’s not about your talent anymore when you get here. It’s about doing what you can do in meetings, the weight room and off the field to get prepared.”

On competing for backup QB position
“The competition is great. It’s been me and Joe getting after it together. I feel like I’ve improved (on) knowing the offense and being a better general on the field. Everyone knows that I can throw a football but it takes more than that to play quarterback here at Ohio State.”