December 3, 2019

⚡ Quick Quotes Week 15: Previewing B1G Championship

Ohio State Buckeyes

Jeff Hafley, Co-Defensive Coordinator/ Secondary Coach

On his emotions after beating TTUN:

I don’t know if I would call it a relief. It was certainly very emotional after the game. A game like that is what you dream about. A game like that is why you want to coach college football. It’s probably the biggest that I’ve been around at any level in any stadium. Emotional after, for sure, very happy. Beyond happy. I get it now…to be part of that and get the first pair of gold pants and to experience it, that’s a special moment.

On facing Jonathan Taylor and Wisconsin’s offense again:

I think Jonathan Taylor is a really good player and if you watch the film after he’s played really well. Their offense in general has, their offensive line has. We’ll do the best we can. Our d-line played really well in that game. It’s going to take a great effort. It’s going to take a great plan, and our guys are going to have to play really hard.

Ohio State Buckeyes

DaVon Hamilton, DL

We always have room to improve every week. That’s kind of our goal every week, just to get better every week and try to clear up the things we did a little bit wrong during the games.

On the challenge of slowing down Jonathan Taylor:

He is really quick. He can read the holes really well. He’s very patient in the backfield. Trying to knock back the line of scrimmage is how we plan on disrupting his vision.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Austin Mack, WR

On his season:

It’s been a ride up and down, but the Buckeyes are 12 and 0, and I’ve done everything I can for my team. I think I have a lot of momentum right now. Being able to score in The Game, it’s remarkable. It was a great moment and I’m ready to finish off the season right.

On what Ryan Day brings to this team:

Coach Day is a great dude personally. He’s just a great guy period. As a coach, he’s a fighter. You can see the passion and joy in his eyes. He’s a great leader and inspiration. I love being able to play for this guy. He’s a great coach.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Justin Fields, QB

On the season he’s had:

I still have room to grow. I still have room to improve. So, I’m just going to focus on getting better each and every day.

On throwing a touchdown the first play after an injury:

During it I really didn’t think about it that much. But looking back at it, it was definitely a remarkable play and a magical play. After it happened it really didn’t hit me that it was the first play that I came back in, I was just happy to be back in the game and playing football.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Jeff Okudah, CB

On Damon Arnette playing through an injury:

I think it’s really commendable what he’s been able to do playing through a lot of pain and putting the team before himself. He’s been in a lot of pain this year and I think for him to go out there and have his best season yet in his circumstances is really crazy, and it’s a testament to the brotherhood that this team has.

On keeping composure during The Game:

Coach Day told us before the game that in a heavyweight fight, you’re going to get punched a couple times. In games like that you can’t expect to have clean shutouts every time. Other teams are talented, too, so they’re going to through their punches. It’s about staying level headed and respond well.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Chase Young, DE

On the Heisman attention he’s gotten:

It definitely means a lot. As a player growing up, you’re striving to be the best. It feels good to be recognized. I’m not gonna say it doesn’t. But at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter because we got more games to play, and, if we lose, all that doesn’t matter. So, that’s why I feel like I’m just so focused.

I’m just really thinking about this next game against Wisconsin just because it’s so hard to beat a team twice. We really have to lock in and watch film and study them.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Damon Arnette, CB

A lot of guys really are playing for each other…I know that since they’re playing for me, I’m playing for them, so little injuries like this is not gonna stop me.

On playing through pain and being tough:

I just go out there and be myself really. We do have to go out there and be tough. Maybe some people really think about it, but for me I just go out there already knowing I’m tough, and I know the guys I’m going to war with are tough too, so we just take the message and run with it.

Ohio State Buckeyes

KJ Hill, WR

On playing Wisconsin again:

We know what to expect from them. They’re a great team. They’ve got a great defense. I know we can play better. A lot of us had drops out there. This time we’re inside, so there’s no elements to worry about and I feel like we can execute better than we did previously.

On Wisconsin’s defense:

They all buy into their system. They’re trained well, and their coverages they got there they run them very good and execute. They rally to the ball, and I feel like they’re a tough team. They play with toughness on defense, so I feel like that’s what they rely on. And we’re going to have to bring it every snap.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Branden Bowen, OL

On how the offensive line has been performing:

I think we’re playing great. I don’t think we are playing to our full potential. I mean, we could be mauling people, but there’s still a lot of stuff we can fix, and there’s always stuff to improve on. Coach Stud, he’s always really positive, but at the same time, he’s not just just hyping us up. He critiques us. He’s doing what a coach should do.

On Fields coming back in after his injury vs. TTUN:

It was amazing. Seeing a guy like that, it just goes to show his toughness and how much he has committed to this team. He really wants to win, not just for himself, but for us

Ohio State Buckeyes

Garrett Wilson, WR

On Fields’ touchdown pass after his injury:

I know that when he’s out there, he’s trying to make a play. He’s not holding back at all. He knows he knows his body better than anyone obviously. And he felt like he could make a play and he did.

To be able to catch a touchdown in that big of a game, the greatest rivalry. I mean, it’s exciting for me, but to be able to catch the play from Justin means that’ll probably go down as one of the most special plays of his career. It’s a legendary play, so to be able to be the one catching it is cool.