February 5, 2020

⚡ Quick Quotes: National Signing Day 2020

Ohio State Buckeyes

Trey Leroux, OL

On how he’s been working with the team:

All of the offensive linemen are such a tight knit group. They help me with anything whether that’s staying after practice or studying. Having this support system just as players, then you can go into the strength room and the staff is over the top excited when you’re here and working out, it’s hard to fail.


Ohio State Buckeyes

Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR

On what makes this class so special:

Just our work ethic, all of us are trying to be the best. We are competing against each other and with each other. There’s some skills that I can’t do that Julian does, or Gee and Mookie and vice versa. It all pushes us and we are all just getting better from it. We aren’t afraid of anything. We compete. We all know our talents and we are all confident in our ability to play here.


Ohio State Buckeyes

Lejond Cavazos, CB

On who he admires:

I look up to everyone, it really is a brotherhood here. If I mess up I’ll be corrected by whoever, they do it all out of love for each other and for the game. I want to be a great follower and learn from the older guys and take this opportunity to grow and get better. I’m going to seize every opportunity I can and take it day by day.

On what he tells other recruits:

We have an opportunity to win a national championship here and last year we were so close. I know these guys don’t want to have that feeling again, no one does. It’s the chance to do something big here.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Kourt Williams, SAF

On being a leader:

It’s a balance, you want to learn and make sure you’re dong your part and everything right before you start telling other people what they should be doing. If I’m going to go hard, I’m going to make sure they go hard. Just trying to learn the ropes from the older guys, they’ve been a great influence. I’m just trying to pass that on to my teammates and those in my class.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Jack Miller III, QB

On Ohio State Recruiting:

I think it’s just the want to be great. Everybody that comes here gets developed in a way that you don’t see many other places; with all the first round draft picks and Heisman winners. It’s really where we all felt comfortable and the way they recruit, the way they talk, the way they treat us is just special.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Paris Johnson Jr., OL

On competing for a starting spot:

I feel like it’s as realistic as I want it to be. As coaches say, it’s not up to the coaches, it’s up to everyone in the room to compete. Really, the spot’s open for anybody, it’s who’s going to go in there and take the job.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Mookie Cooper, WR

On how he is different:

I just know that my attitude coming in here is different. The workouts and everything are hard, but it’s the attitude. I just know where I’m trying to get to with this program and where I am trying to get playing here. I just keep that in my head and keep working till I get what I want to get.

On not playing senior year: 

It was a big transition, working out alone and the conditioning was way harder but you’re going to get used to it. Everybody here pushes you to be the best. It was hard but you get the same sense of family. If you’re struggling the older guys are coming back to pick you up.

Ohio State Buckeyes

C.J. Stroud, QB

On expectations freshman year:

I want to learn from Justin, learn from Jack and all the coaches. I just want to be a sponge and soak up everything freshman year and be ready to play whenever my name is called.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Gee Scott Jr., WR

On having a big class:

Not only is it helpful to have those guys with you but you grow with them. You’re going through the same things. We’re waking up early together and were going through these hard workouts together. When you do all these things together you grow more as a group. I’ve been appreciative of all those guys alongside with me, they continue to push me on a regular basis.